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SEATTLE, WA, April 01, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Seattle Poetics LAB (SPLAB), a 501(c)(3) literary arts-oriented nonprofit organization and organizing entity of the Cascadia Poetry Festival, is now registering poets for the 14th August Poetry Postcard Fest (POPO).

Allen Ginsberg said poets are people who “notice what they notice” and being WITNESSES to life at highly charged time in world history is critical. We understand the global seriousness and the situation in which we find ourselves. It is in these challenging times that we can all benefit from an outlet for creativity. As April is National Poetry Month, it is the perfect time to register for the fest. POPO, an exercise in spontaneous composition and community building, offers a safe place for poets to document their own lives and experiences, and that may be the most important reason why now is the time to write. Registration is open through July 18, 2020. In 2019 there were 424 participants from as far away as the U.K., Japan and Australia.

To participate in POPO, poets first register online at Lists of participants are sent out as groups of 32 fill. Each participating poet has until the end of August to write 31 original poems on postcards to be sent to each other person on their list. A video about POPO from co-organizer Paul Nelson, can be viewed here.

All other details of the fest including interviews of former and current participants, can be found at

The fest is the largest annual fundraiser for SPLAB; registration is set at $10 per poet, with donations over this amount also accepted.

Over the past 26 years SPLAB has been instrumental in leading a bioregional cultural investigation using poetics, poetry festivals, publications and education and to building community through shared experience of the spoken and written word. Through the Cascadia Poetry Festival, the organization facilitates an annual gathering of writers, artists, scientists and activists to collaborate, discover and foster deeper connection between all inhabitants and the place itself.

SPLAB (, a Seattle-based nonprofit, was founded in Auburn, Washington, on December 14, 1993. Founding Director Paul E Nelson is available for interviews. (206) 422.5002 or [email protected] Splab, 9030 Seward Park Av S, Unit 213, Seattle, WA 98118, USA

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