Fleury’s highly praised book gives us an opportunity to build a bridge between science and spirituality.

WILMINGTON, NC, July 12, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Science vs spirituality. Religion vs evolution. Creationism vs biology. For centuries the human race has been engaging in the debate regarding which of these two opposing points of view offers the truth. In fact in may be neither. But perhaps it might just be both.

Award winning author Bernard Fleury believes it is both. That is the focus of his highly acclaimed book, ‘Teilhard de Chardin: The Search For The Light In Evolution’, a presentation of Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of purpose-driven evolution.

Darwin’s famous thesis that evolution proceeds by chance, groping, and the survival of the fittest could be the case until the advent of the first human, the first creature who knew that he knew. Thereafter, continuing change becomes more and more by plan. The human being begins to take charge of evolution. There is still some chance and groping, but much of it is really planned trial that results in either success or failure – and we try again.

God, the Light, is the architect of all that is. His will, when manifested, becomes the purpose behind everything, the inanimate, animate, and the thinking layers or spheres of the universe.

In this book, the author uses chronological evolution as the outline as we observe the foundations of our universe and the unfolding of the phenomenon of “man”. The evolutionary process as explained in the Human Phenomenon, a new edition of de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man (1965 English edition), as edited and translated from the French 1955 edition by Sarah Appleton Weber in 1999, is categorized under four parts:


Nearly all of Bernard’s books center squarely on the theme of Light as a Someone and a Something. He believes we are all Called Into Life By The Light. Life and Light are tied together. Lifelight describes their relationship best because both our “without” (our physical being) and our “within” (our spirit) are basically light in two different forms:

1. Physical energy that occupies space, has weight, can be measured, and

2. Psychic or spiritual energy which is a force that causes things to happen and, thus, real energy, but it does not occupy space, have weight, nor can it be empirically measured.

Fleury’s book has received a number of 5-star rated reviews. Romauld Dzemo stated, “In this book, the author explores the concept of “seeing” properly in order to understand creation and makes apt references to other thinkers and theologians, featuring the ancients as well as modern thinkers — Leonard Euler, Robert Boyle, Thomas Young, Augustin-Jean Fresnel, Francois Arago, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, and many others. ‘Teilhard de Chardin: The Search For The Light In Evolution’ is a book that gives a new meaning to light as a creative property of God. This essay is well-researched and presented with the clarity of one who knows what they are talking about. It’s as informative as it is inspiring.”

K. C. Finn said, “Fleury’s retelling of Chardin’s teachings is concise yet emotive, and it’s very clear that the author has a true passion for their subject. Having said that, nowhere in the book did I find a message too pushy or judgmental. ‘Teilhard de Chardin: The Search For The Light In Evolution’ is a well-balanced philosophical take, in which Fleury explains Chardin’s viewpoint whilst also adding examples of his own from modern scientific thinking to exemplify his ideas. If you’re looking for a thoughtful exploration of Purpose Driven Evolution, or indeed just a brand new way of thinking to stretch your brain muscles, you’ll get a lot out of ‘Teilhard de Chardin’. Overall, a fascinating and well-compiled read.”

Jamie Michele stated, “Teilhard de Chardin’ by Bernard J Fleury is an excellent resource for scholars, students, and scientists, as well as Christians who find themselves questioning either the aspects of scientific theory, the scripture of the Bible, or both. It’s written concisely in an academic manner by Fleury, which is fitting given that he teaches as a college professor. In this book, Fleury digs even deeper, addressing the literary work and hypotheses of multiple intellectuals, both past and present, to present a compelling case.”

Bernard was chosen as one of ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ in the 2017 Book Awards. His honor came as a result of his appearance on The Authors Show. He was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process.

Bernard Fleury is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at [email protected]. ‘The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection in the Medicine of Light’ is available at online retail book outlets. More information is available at his website at http://www.intolifebylight.com.

Bernard Fleury is Professor Emeritus at Westfield State University and a Roman Catholic Permanent Deacon. He holds an A.A. degree in Classical Languages, a B.A. in History, a M.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Philosophy, and an Ed.D. in Administration with a minor in Government. He taught in both the undergraduate and graduate divisions at Westfield State University for thirty years and was a Public School teacher and principal for thirteen years. He also served as Director of School Administration at Westfield State University, and as Director of Teacher Education, Academic Vice President, and President protem at International College of the Cayman Islands over a sixteen-year period. At present he is a corporator in the Westfield State University Foundation. He has also worn a third hat as an ordained Catholic Permanent Deacon for the past thirty five years.

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