New book “Test Me: The Malachi Mystery” reveals how Christians have the power to solve many of the world’s problems

HOUSTON, TX, August 13, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to an article at, Christians today are giving less money to the church at 2.5% per capita than they did during the Great Depression when they gave at a 3.3% rate. Additionally, 33-50% of church members give nothing at all. Author, coach, and pastor G.F. Watkins says in his new book, “Test Me: The Malachi Mystery,” that Christians could solve hunger and homelessness if they understood the challenge that God makes in scripture.

“The only place in the entire Bible where God says it is okay to test him is when it comes to the Holy tithe,” says Watkins. “God is basically saying ‘Try to out give Me. I dare you.’ If a pastor believes the word of God and yet does not inform his congregation about the whole of the bible, including the importance of tithing, they are missing the boat. I understand a lot of people have abused giving. That turns me off too. But we’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water when it comes to tithing.”

In “Test Me: The Malachi Mystery,” Watkins makes the case that if Christians tithed, hunger and homelessness would no longer exist. And he does it with simple math.

“The median U.S. household income is $53,647,” says Watkins. “If we take the number of professing Christians in America, which Gallup says is 75%, it would equal 243 million people. Let’s divide that by 3 to calculate the correct family ratio and we get 81 million Christian families. If we multiple 81 million by the average income, then we have an annual combined Christian income in the U.S. of approximately $4.35 trillion dollars. Divide this by 10 for the tithe, and we see $435 Billion dollars that should be in the American Christian church storehouse. No offerings, just the tithe. The total cost to eradicate world hunger is $30 Billion. The total cost to eradicate homelessness in the U.S. is $20 Billion. We should still have $385 Billion to solve other problems each year. If we feed the world and make sure everyone has a home, do you think they might be open to the Gospel?”

About G.F. Watkins:
G.F. Watkins is an international leader, author, speaker, and church planter. He is the founder of Jordan Ranch retreat center and has planted churches in Texas, Africa, and Peru. As the founder and leader of Genesis Team, he now oversees and trains ministry leaders worldwide. A one-time All-American athlete and coach, he has used the principles and patterns learned in athletics to encourage, motivate, strengthen, and mobilize thousands. He is considered an authority in the area of Men’s Ministry and on the topic of fatherlessness. For more information, visit or

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