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SAN DIEGO, CA, August 31, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — It’s a habit! The urge to NFT never stops and results in new modern works of fine art! Text-to-image prompting has fueled the release of 4 New Collectable Mini-Series. As the computer vision genre of image rendering becomes prevalent within the NFT markets, this style of art created now, on the cusp, will be of first historical influence! Limited to 175 (1/1) original pieces through 4 different series to support rarity, demand and value. These collections are selling now!

Series-1. Artificius Instincta – It was inevitable, discovery of a rare new species. They would sneak out of hiding someday and they’d do it with style!! Get ready! 25 collection units + promocards. -N-

Series-2. Animalis Intelligente – Who knows what this wave of the newly classified species will bring. Could be mayhem could be harmony! We’ll find out soon enough. We’re all in this together. 20 dystopian diptychs + promocard. BNB

Series-3. IconicGuitaros: Tribute v1 – Honors 40 of the most recognized electric guitars and guitarists of our times. Each unique piece is researched, handglitched and movin’ to it’s own rhythm! Specific guitars characterized by NFTs in this collection that have sold at auction houses are noted and available for offers. ADA

Series-4. Glass Robot Actors Guild – It’s showtime! They have been rehearsing all summer and getting ready for the stage! Each with their own name and actor’s profile. We’ll create the characters, you write the story… 88 headshots + promocards and member roster. FLOW

Follow on Twitter for news and updates! is also always in search of newly discovered RNT (rare non-fungible tokens) buried deep in the markets. Here are a few available hidden gems created by fellow artists: Media, Sports, Pepe, Pixeled, First, Punks, Socks

-Information and opinion in this release should not be considered financial advice.
-In order to purchase from the links on this page you will have to have account/wallet set up with each platform respective to desired artwork. will not be held accountable for the functionality or reliability of the NFT platforms.
-This press release is intended to call attention new artwork created by and
to specific, artworks made by other artists.
-Please DM through Twitter @nfthabitio
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