New chemistry, new technology, new investments

TALLIN, ESTONIA, August 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The project Angenium worked out by the Estonian team of inventors together with international advisers promises to become real revolution in the sphere of wastes recycling. The team is ready to extract noble and rare metals and non-ferrous oxides from ash and slag wastes.

Cofounders of the project put an accent on unlimited possibilities of such technology. While world yearly production of ash and slag wastes counts 729 million tons the invention is seen as a productive way of cleaning the planet and removing dumps worldwide.

Observing the existing technologies of wastes recycling the team indicated that obtained products are used only in building and some secondary branches while new project is based upon getting metals and oxides of the highest purity (99.9%) therefore such elements are ready to be utilized in most industrial and agricultural spheres. Moreover the cost prices of obtained elements are intended to be lower than the market ones.

Undoubtedly the technology exceeds any existing analogues several times. According to preliminary calculation ten dollars spent for recycling may bring about 1000 dollars from selling metals and oxides. The result is possible due to new sorbent using that is suitable for all metals extracting and is 10 times cheaper than imported analogues.

The team invites investors to partake in a plant building for wastes recycling. The project promises up to 100% of yearly return with unlimited potential for development.

Angenium was invented for both getting huge profits and saving the planet from wastes. Both sides are extremely important.

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