This report profiles the top 30 Logistics Technology start-ups. It discusses the top investors active in this space. It also provides an independent outlook of Logistics market in US, Europe, China and India

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Highlights of the report

1. 250+ investors have invested more than $2.4 billion cumulatively in these 30 start-ups over past 4 years.

2.US and India accounted for 19 out of 30 start-ups profiled in this report whereas Europe had just 3.

3. About 36% ($900 M) of the total funding has been raised by India based start-ups, followed by 27%($660M) in US and 22%($525M) by China.

4. Freight matching companies have been the most sought-after logistics tech start-ups globally, accounting for more than 36% of total funding.

5. The top 5 investors in these 30 tech start-ups with their investment count are:-

Investor – No of investments
Accel Partners – 3
SAIF Partners – 3
Tiger Global Management – 2
Alibaba Group – 2
Warburg Princus -2

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Till 2010, the technology used in the logistics industry was pretty much the same as it was a decade ago but things are changing really fast now. New innovations and technology solutions are making their way to the logistics industry like never before and backing those innovations is a huge amount of cash. Till June 2018, the logistics tech start-ups had raised ~$375M. In 2017, these 30 start-ups raised a funding of more than~ $750M, which was ~50% higher than 2016. The year 2015, saw a sharp increase in funding at $568M as compared to less than $300M in 2014.

About the 30 Start-ups

These 30 start-ups can be broadly in three categories companies

1. Freight Matching
2. Delivery management
3. Last Mile delivery
4. Digital Supply chain

Freight Matching- Companies like Loji Logistics, Transfix, OnTruck, they have developed their own algorithm to match load with available trucks, thereby reducing empty miles. The brokers have always been a vital cog in the freight ecosystem and these start-ups are a lot more efficient in doing that.

Delivery Management- It includes names like Delhivery, Ternando, Shippo, who are providing end- to end delivery solution to companies selling products online as well as offline. Some of them also provide shipping rates, compare shipping labels, tracking information, bills enabling more transparency to buyers as well as sellers

Last Mile Delivery- Companies like Deliv, Quipqup etc.They offer same day delivery to personal as well as business customers. With a growth in e-commerce, there is a growing need for an efficient last mile delivery logistics and these start-ups are trying to solve that problem

Digital Supply chain- Companies like Elementum, Convey, and MP Objects are using technology to help enterprises improve their supply chain. Their solution also includes track and trace services along with AI based proactive communication.

The freight matching companies have raised the highest 36% ($920M) of total funding followed by delivery management companies, ~32% ($800M) and Digital supply chain companies have raised only ~$92M i.e. 4% of total funding.

This report also includes

1. The funding history, business model, list of investors, growth goals and recent developments of all 30 start-ups.

2. Insights about investors active in the space

3. The logistics tech start-up scene in US, Europe, India and China

4. The growing role of IOT in the logistics market

5. An independent outlook of the logistics market in US, Europe, India, and China

6. Important M&A(Mergers & Acquisitions) in past 12 months

7. The need for technology in the logistics industry

8. The problems solved by these tech start-ups

9. Investment opportunity in this market

10. Finally. The top 10 start-ups shortlisted for investment and why

Companies Profiled

1 Delhivery- India
2 Packlink – Spain
3 ShipBob -USA
4 Locus – India
5 Convey -USA
6 – China
7 FarEye – India
8 Youkeshu – China
9 EcomExpress – India
10 MP Objects – USA
11 Rivigo – India
12 Bringg – Israel
13 Xpressbees – India
14 Shippo – USA
15 Fuyoukache – China
16 Quiqup – UK
17 Temando – Australia
18 MetaPack(acquired by – UK
19 Narvar – USA
20 Lalamove – Hong Kong
21 Shyp – US
22 Flexport – US
23 Matternet – US
24 Elementum – US
25 Deliv – US
26 Roadie – US
27 Transfix – US
28 Blackbuck – US
29 Cargomatic – US
30 Loji Logistics – US

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