Noonies Awards are referred to as “The tech industry’s greenest awards”

DOVER, DE, February 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — HackerNoon, an online publication with an open and international community built for technologists, selected goLance CEO Michael Brooks as the Contributor of the Year in Business and in additional categories. HackerNoon has more than 3 million monthly viewers and 15,000+ contributing writers.

Brooks, whose company has done nearly $100 million in payouts to freelancers, was one of 10 nominees in the HackerNoon Business space alone. He received a total of four Contributor of the Year Awards, and his articles covered a wide range of topics. This includes everything from the great resignation — where people are leaving their corporate jobs to become freelancers or entrepreneurs — to business best practices, Zoom gaffes, artificial intelligence, and more. Some of his top-rated features are based on his experience in leading multiple companies remotely, along with humor and an analysis of key trends.

goLance helps businesses grow by connecting clients with talented freelancers that offer high-demand services such as software developers, web designers, data scientists, marketing experts and other professional skills. “As someone who has built numerous companies and understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face, I’m particularly proud to receive Noonie Awards in these categories,” says Brooks. “At goLance, we make it easy for businesses and global freelancers to connect and deliver amazing results while working remotely.”

Brooks is also one of the most popular writers in business and entrepreneurial topics on Quora, with an average of more than 200,000+ unique views a month. In his latest book, REMOTE iT!, Brooks discusses ways to motivate remote workers and other topics to help entrepreneurs build booming businesses.

About goLance
goLance is an online freelance marketplace that empowers businesses to recruit, screen, manage, optimize, and pay global online freelance talent efficiently, securely, and cost effectively. The goLance platform has more than 645,000 users. goLance was recognized in 2021 with the prestigious Virtual Co-Working Platform of the Year Award by RemoteTech Breakthrough and has received additional awards from other organizations for its cutting-edge technology and business model.

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