– Explores overseas export channel by opening online exhibition hall concurrently for non-face-to-face consultation with overseas buyers
– Held at KINTEX 1 May 25-28

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Int’l Process & Packaging Exhibition (KOREA PACK) and Materials Handling & Logistics Exhibition (KOREA MAT) will be held at KINTEX, Goyang, for four days, May 25 (Tue) to 28 (Fri).

With the prolonged outbreak of COVID-19, the delivery volume of health functional foods, HMR (household substitutes), and medical health products have increased significantly, the packaging and logistics industries are also undergoing new technological innovations to respond to this.

Hosted by the Korea Packaging Machinery Association, PackNet, and Kyungyon Exhibition Corp., this year’s special edition of KOREA PACK will present the solutions in the packaging process improvement in the food and drug and cosmetics sectors and automated equipment and eco-friendly packaging. In the concurrently held KOREA MAT, in the era of LOGISTICS 4.0, new technologies applied with unmanned and advanced ICT technologies such as autonomous robots, automated logistics systems, and cold chain logistics technologies in preparation for the increased volume of goods will be exhibited.

This exhibition, held with 600 exhibitors and 2,000 booths, displays the fields of food and drug, cosmetics manufacturing process, packaging, and logistics along with ICPI WEEK (International Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Week), an exhibition of pharmaceutical, bio, and cosmetics development. Here, visitors can look at the entire cycle of development, production, packaging, and distribution of a single product in one place.

In KINTEX Hall 2, KOREA MAT will take place, displaying logistics and transport services, last mile delivery, automation & robots, cold chains, e-commerce, SCM solutions, fulfilment, logistics and warehouse systems, and transport and unloading equipment. This year, Hyundai Robotics and Hyundai L&S will jointly prepare a large exhibition hall of 720㎡ to introduce the logistics robot systems, and CJ Logistics, Pantos, Alporter, Twinny, THiRA-UTECH, Kofas, Taesung System, and Cognex will display the advanced technology such as logistics service, logistics automated system, and unmanned robots.

In KINTEX Hall 3, KOREA PACK will be held, displaying processing and packaging experts in food and beverage, bakery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industrial products sectors. In this exhibition, 150 of Korea’s major automatic packaging companies will participate. Some of the participants are Leepack, Young Tech Pack, Jupack, Changsung Softgel, Cube Gel, Modeundahae, U-Tec, Eulsung Auto Pack, Daehyun Hi-tech, Kimpo BNS, Samwon Pack, Sanho Machinery Corp, HD Pack , PNS Technology, Intech Korea, Nongshim Engineering, and Bindtec. As interest in sustainable eco-friendly packages has recently increased, new eco-friendly packaging materials such as reduction, reuse, recycling, and biodegradation can be seen at this exhibition hall. This year, Hansol Paper, Natural Package, R&J Glovis, GL Grape, Indis Air, and Green Plastic Association will participate.

Korea Packaging Competition is another highlighted event to see at the exhibition. Winners at the packaging contest will be exhibited this year as well. MOTIE and KITECH Packaging Technology Center introduces award-winning products to the packaging industry at the exhibition hall by discovering outstanding packaging every year.

In KINTEX Hall 4, COPHEX and KOREA CHEM will be held. They are global exhibitions related to production processing and management, and outsourcing to improve quality control in the pharmaceutical, bio, cosmetic, and chemical industries. In this year’s exhibition where pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical facilities, supply/transfer devices, inspection equipment, packaging machinery and materials, processing facilities, and life science equipment will be exhibited,100 companies including Enclony, Becton, Dickinson and Company Korea, Hutem, Sedna ENG, West Pharmaceutical Services, Young Science, Anse, Daesung Pump, Axis Sensitive, Clean-tech, and KSV Engineering will be participating.

In KINTEX Hall 5, the KOREA LAB will take place to display advanced equipment in the field of research experiment analysis and biotechnology. KOREA LAB, where innovative products and new technologies of laboratory technology are displayed, 150 companies representing the domestic and global lab equipment industry including Youngin Group, Agilent Technology, JEIO Tech, GT Scien, Sercrim Labtech, Shinyoung LST, CAC Lab, Samin Science, DKSH Korea, IKA Korea, Hyundai Micro, Analytik Jena Korea, Anto Paar Korea, Malvern Panalytical, and Daihan Scientific will be participating.
Visitors can see the pharmaceutical and bio development show KOREA PHARM and bio and cosmetic development show CI KOREA in the same place. Visitors will be able to consult with experts in the fields of raw materials, reagents, consignment services, and development consulting in the pharmaceutical, bio, and cosmetic markets. There will be a special promotion pavilion to introduce outstanding bioventure companies in pharmaceutical bio and cosmetics sector prepared by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund and Korea Drug Research Association. The organizer will also hold IR sessions by bioventure companies in the seminar room and match the investors of pharmaceutical bio venture companies.

The KINTEX exhibition hall in Goyang where the exhibition will be held has been prepared with a thorough quarantine system to cope with COVID-19 situation, and was recognized as an exemplary exhibition hall for K-quarantine from overseas exhibition groups and media. The KINTEX exhibition hall has four-step access control and thorough access control through QR code access control system. Visitors are required to wear masks and plastic gloves, and are instructed to keep distance from other visitors. There is a limit to the number of visitors in the exhibition hall, and the hall is disinfected and the air is circulated to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

This exhibition will be operated as a hybrid exhibition that connects offline exhibitions by building a premium online exhibition hall for Korean companies with difficulties in finding overseas marketing channels due to the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak.

Hybrid exhibition is a method that supports the pre-marketing of exhibitors such as pre-product search by buyers, online meetings, and matchmaking of exhibitors through the online exhibition hall, and improves the actual contract agreement rate through actual product confirmation and buyer-to-buyer meetings at offline exhibitions.

With the prolonged outbreak of COVID-19, the delivery volume of health functional foods, HMR (household substitutes), and medical health products have increased significantly, the packaging and logistics industries are also undergoing new technological innovations to respond to this.

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