A multi-chain aggregated DEX

DUBAI, UAE, March 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Speaking of decentralized exchange (DEX), the first platforms we may think of are Uniswap, dYdX, PancakeSwap, Curve, etc. But according to the latest DefiLlama ranking, MetaTdex has undoubtedly become the biggest DEX dark horse in 2023. By the end of 2022, the trading volume of MetaTdex has entered the top 10. And then, just a few months later, MetaTdex quickly rose to Top 5 in March 2023 with a trading volume of $43.03 million and a weekly change of +9.14%. While the trading volume of most DEXs is declining, MetaTdex’s trading volume is rising against the trend.

What is MetaTdex?
MetaTdex is a multi-chain aggregated DEX deployed on the BSC, HECO and Polygon chains. Different from Unisawp and PancakeSwap, MetaTdex adopts an orderbook matching mode with no trading slippage. So it brings users not only the high efficiency and depth of CEX, but also the transparency and security of DEX.

What is the driving force behind the strong rise in MetaTdex trading volume?
If you pay attention to the recent actions of MetaTdex, it is not difficult to find that MetaTdex has recently changed its trading mode. Besides, a series of new functions have been launched frequently, and the price of TT (MetaTdex’s native token) has also increased by as much as 75% in February.

Trading Mode Change:
As MetaTdex alters to the orderbook matching mode, it now supports the Gas-borrowing trading service, which is more convenient, secure and lower in transaction fee. Similar to the traditional CEX trading interface, MetaTdex is very friendly to new DEX users. Based on lossless trading and multi-chain deployment, the interaction between different tokens is more efficient. What’s more, user assets from public blockchains such as BSC, HECO, and Polygon can be traded directly on MetaTdex. Users only need to add their existing wallets to MetaTdex and there are no other complex cross-chain transfer operations.

Trade Mining 2.0:
Launched on the Polygon chain, MetaTdex Trade Mining releases 27,000 TT rewards every day to give back to community users. According to the current price of TT (about $1.6), the daily prize pool has exceeded $43,200. Users who complete transactions on the designated trading pairs of TT/USDT and MATIC/USDT can share the TT prize pool on the basis of their trading proportion.

Rewards Hub:
MetaTdex Rewards Hub is a benefit product allowing users to obtain various rewards from MetaTdex platform registration, deposit, transaction, and referral. After completing a task, users can open a corresponding Token mystery box, which has a 100% winning rate and is worth up to 1270 USDTs! Up to now, many DeFi enthusiasts have come to MetaTdex to do tasks and get rewards.

Smart Pool:
As a financing product that guarantees principal and interest, MetaTdex Smart Pool enables users to gain corresponding yields via pledging USDT with different periods. The minimum investment amount of the Smart Pool is 10 USDTs, and the annualized yield rate is as high as 15%. The yield settlement is conducted by smart contracts, which is of great efficiency and security. Compared with the same types of products on the market, MetaTdex Smart Pool provides users with low threshold, zero risk, flexible period option, and high return rate.

Users can learn more about the operation status of DEXs on the official website, join social media and communities to acquire specific information, as well as check the daily trading volume and market share on DEX inclusion platforms (e.g., DeFiLlama and DappRadar). Judging from the rapid expansion of users and the increase in trading volume of cutting-edge platforms such as MetaTdex, DEXs are constantly increasing in market share and will release greater potential in the future.

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