Legendary producer of No Limit Records KLC The Drum Major creates E3 label that caters to double minority artists with nationwide talent search

DALLAS, TX, September 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Music lovers around the world have been mesmerized by the sounds of the dirty south label entitled “No Limit” created by mastermind Percy Miller also known as “Master P” for over a decade. With hits like “Make ‘Em Say” and “How Ya Do Dat”, the brand skyrocketed in the 90’s into the two thousands making it the home of southern culture with home artists such Mystikal, Fiend, Soulja Slim and more.

Fast forward to present, the man behind the magic “KLC The Drum Major” has decided to give back to the women of the music industry by creating a label that is for women, by women entitled E3 also known as “Empress Empire”. This label will bring an influencer style concept to a very traditional culture by allowing artists to work with iconic producers via label network while ensuring their independence.

The traditional way of music has been eliminated by signing artists to a requested number of albums without ownership of master copies and more. E3 offers artists a chance to develop, work with top producers, obtain management, build the right audience, gain brand partnerships and make hit singles and EP’s on a short term basis.

KLC The Drum Major has appointed industry phenom Saadiq Larue to lead the record label. Her tenacity and innovative mindset has given today’s industry vets a holy grail when it comes to branding, bookings and creating studio vibes. With iconic sessions created with legends such as Tip Harris (T.I.), David Banner and Fabo (D4L), Saadiq Larue have brought a mix of talent, sound and creative showcasing to many artists of today.

The duo are in search of amazing raw talent to bring into the light with a nationwide talent search with the grand prize including an EP deal with full utilization of the brand network and ending with a large televised showcase to be released mid 2022.

The tour will kick off at the legendary Kansas City venue “The Epicurean” on October 11-13th, 2021 at 1pm. The entrance fee for artists is $50.00 while the tickets to the taped private auditions will be $25.00 for spectators to gain an up close and personal view of the talent with a chance to meet the surprise celebrity judges.

The tour will travel to the following cities:
-Houston, TX
-Phoenix, AZ
-Atlanta, GA
-Miami, FL
-Washington, D.C.
-Austin, TX
-Detroit, MI
-Dallas, TX
The tour leads into March of 2022 with winners announced via social platforms at the top of March 2022.

For more information on the E3 talent search or to purchase tickets, visit www.areyouanempress.com on September 13, 2021 and follow @klcthedrummajor, @Empress_Empire_Entertainment and @phaseglobalmanagement.

About KLC The Drum Major
Craig Lawson, known professionally as KLC, is an American DJ, drummer, and record producer. He found fame as a member of No Limit Records’ in-house production team Beats by the Pound. Since leaving the label, he has been a member of the Medicine Men and has his own record label Overdose Entertainment aka Overdose Empire.From 1988 to present, KLC is credited (solo and with other Medicine Men team members) on close to 300 studio recordings covering over 100 studio albums. Lawson’s RIAA accolades include eighteen gold albums, twelve platinum albums, four double-platinum albums, two triple-platinum albums, and one quadruple-platinum album as well as two gold singles, two platinum singles and one double-platinum single. Lawson has two Grammy nominations, both at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album (Word of Mouf by Ludacris and Tarantula by Mystikal] and two BMI Awards – one for the hit single Move Bitch (by Ludacris) and one for the associated album Word of Mouf. Finally on March 5, 2021 KLC drops his solo album The Drummajor Pt.1 under Overdose Empire. KLC has sold over 100 million albums and continues to be an industry staple.

For more information on KLC: www.instagram.com/klcthedrummajor
For more information on Empress Empire: www.instagram.com/empress_empire_entertainment

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