Attorneys at Wolfe & Stec say that the challenges posed to parents by the summer months are a great example of how long-term planning makes a big difference in the divorce process.

CHICAGO, IL, June 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — All parents of schoolchildren know that the summer break means more time with their kids. However, for parents going through a divorce, this time presents challenges that they might not have anticipated. Attorney Natalie M. Stec believes that parents considering divorce can learn a valuable lesson from these types of circumstances.

“When school is session, a family’s schedule is structured in very concrete ways,” Stec said. “However, in the summer months, things become much more fluid and unpredictable. In some cases, parents planning a divorce don’t consider subtleties like this until after their divorce is finalized.”

Stec said that so many aspects of a divorce — child custody, visitations, child support payments – require alterations due to changes in schedules involving travel, school and other factors. Foresight and experience are key to successful long-term planning of a divorce.

Every year in Illinois, there are nearly 30,000 divorces and annulments, according to state data. Though marriage often involves extensive planning, some couples understandably aren’t as thorough when it comes to divorce, which can place a great burden on everyone involved. Attorney Amy Lynn Riley said that the services of an experienced divorce attorney are invaluable to parents and children.

“Parents can predict many important challenges and adjust accordingly,” Wolfe said. “But parents who aren’t familiar with the divorce process typically make the mistake of planning for the present, not the future. They are then blindsided by the challenges that creates.”

The attorneys said that divorce attorneys can help a parent navigate the pitfalls of divorce and cater to their specific needs. Some of challenges faced by divorced parents are predictable, while others will stem from unforeseen circumstances, but nearly all of these challenges can be mitigated by thorough planning, Stec said.

“A skilled divorce attorney not only helps their client consider the inevitable,” Stec said. “They help cushion the fallout of the unpredictable.”

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