The question that comes to mind is: it is a major improvement or a real breakthrough in a desktop 3D printing world? To answer this we will compare a new printer to its older brother – Zortrax M200.

WARSAW, POLAND, September 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Firstly introduced in 2015, Zortrax Inventure, a new product from Zortrax family, was suffering some minor problems regarding production of their water-soluble support material. As a result manufacturer from Poland has made a very mature decision to postpone printer final premiere and deal with malfunctions. Finally, in June 2017, brand new, improved 3D printer went on sale.

An additional nozzle

Most important difference that one can notice on the first sight is the number of nozzles that printers are equipped with. Zortrax M200, as well as majority of popular desktop 3D printers, has been designed to use one nozzle in order to perform an actual model printing operations. In contrast, Zortrax Inventure manufacturer provided us with one more. The idea was to give the customer chance to achieve greater quality by using support material that dissolves in water, with no necessity to remove it mechanically, which is, in fact, really handy and time-saving feature. The appropriate material has been introduced as Z-SUPPORT and is available on market. The concept of using additional extruder dedicated to print support material has been already known in the industrial 3D printing world but its implementation in desktop device has been a surprise.

The benefits of a heated print chamber

Another feature and great development that has been introduced in Zortrax Inventure in contrary to previous models is heated print chamber. Advantages of using that type of internal heating are remarkable. Not only you can achieve a greater repeatability of conditions inside 3D printer but also better control of thermal contraction which increases printings quality and prevents them from detaching from 3D printer bed, which is usually a major problem in printing large objects.

Do the cons of the Zortrax Inventure really matter?

Unfortunately, there are some properties of Zortrax Inventure that can be treated as drawbacks. Build volume of this printer is only 5.3 x 5.3 x 5.1 in. To compare with, Zortrax M200 workspace is 7.9 x 7.9 x 7.1 in. Is it a true disadvantage? In fact it is not. Of course, customer is limited in a way, but once again it helps the internal chamber temperature to be more constant during the whole process of printing, which advantages have been discussed earlier. Another so-called defect is the fact that the printer is adapted to use only three kinds of materials, including Z-SUPPORT. Other two are Z-PETG and Z-PLA. The first one is dedicated to be used in “unfriendly environment” like being surrounded by chemicals, oily substances or exposed to UV light. Second one has been created for more usual purposes, can be used for printing detailed conceptual models and is available in various colors. Zortrax M200, on the other hand, can offer much wider choice of filaments appropriate to use. Customer can also resign from using dedicated ones and choose materials from external supplier. The reason why those two printers offer different kinds of materials, despite being created by the same manufacturer, is filaments dedicated for Zortrax Inventure are being kept in special cartridges. Once again, the idea is to make printing easier and more repetitive, therefore this material limitation may be considered as an advantage as well, especially according to the fact that Zortrax does a great effort to extend the choice of filaments and new ones will be available for sale soon.

How does the Zortrax Inventure bring new quality to 3D printing?

To sum up, it seems like the most adequate theme for Zortrax Inventure should be “to bring industrial standards into desktop 3D printing”. In fact, everyone who have ever had a chance to see or use this printer would agree with this statement. Dissolvable support created by additional nozzle, heated chamber, cartridges with dedicated filament, ease, repeatability, quality – these all have been limited to expensive, industrial 3D printers until now. In my opinion new generation of desktop 3D printers has been introduced and Zortrax Inventure can be recognized as its archetype and real breakthrough.

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