Mackenzie Puckett Wins $2,500 in Academic Support From the MDSW Team

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC, September 08, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Miller, Dawson, Sigal, & Ward Injury Attorneys (MDSW) strives to celebrate its community, not to mention the movers and shakers within it. That’s why the firm offers its Thumbs Up Guys Scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students in need of a financial boost. This year, 2023, MDSW proudly awards this scholarship to Mackenzie Puckett.

Puckett shines as a student pursuing her legal degree at the University Denver Sturm College of Law. It wasn’t only her pursuit of justice that made her stand out from MDSW’s pool of applicants. In her scholarship essay, Puckett tells the moving story of her friend, Heather, and her battle with a tremulous heart condition.

Puckett heard about Heather’s medical concerns after Heather fainted on a hike. In the weeks and months that followed, the doctors’ diagnoses varied. What Heather originally thought to be a pulmonary embolism was later thought to be lymphoma. When the final diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis came through, both Heather and Puckett heaved sighs of relief.

This is not to say that a mono diagnosis was what either party wanted. Rather, it was a definitive answer to a question both women and Heather’s family had been asking for weeks. With said diagnosis in hand, Heather could go on appropriate medication and reclaim her life.

Where does Puckett fall in all of this? Throughout those weeks of misdiagnoses and fear, Puckett stayed strong at Heather’s side. Puckett reports making a concentrated effort to help her friend communicate with doctors and live as close to a normal life as she could.

“I refused to sit back and watch my best friend suffer,” Puckett says. “[S]o I continued to advocate for her even if it meant coming across as an overbearing mother at times. This experience also showed me the depth of true friendship.”

It is in light of Puckett’s unwavering dedication to Heather in this time of need that drove MDSW to award her the Thumbs Up Guys Scholarship 2023. Puckett says that the support “makes the opportunity for me to pursue law school a little more attainable.”

“I have dreamed about going to law school since middle school,” she continues. “The thought of being able to stand up in a courtroom and debate the merits of a case, to sway a jury, and to advocate for my clients, fills me with a sense of purpose and belonging.”

MDSW looks forward to hearing about Puckett’s compassionate success in the courtroom as she pursues her legal career.

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