New Year brings new trust, new associations and new colours in our lives. For some these changes prove bliss while with some exceptions. This is the day celebrated globally no matter caste and creed, however in different styles and themes. If we talk about spirituality, people like to start the year by worshipping their idols. We are taught traditionally this is the best way to accompany God or God Father whiles a fresh start up. Our Holy part teaches us the moral stories to lead an honest life and by loving each. Trend started from indo-western dresses & went further to spiritual fusion has encouraged young generation to do something unique on the eve of New Year. We bring the top 10 New Year resolutions for you and your family those are really cool to take on. Let’s jump in the exclusive model of compassion that will bring you personal and professional satisfaction.

  1. Pledges all around: This is one of the beautiful ways to swing in the fresh start. Being a part of God’s voice and light we all human being know what the flaws in us are. So get up and raise yourself against those and take a pledge not to repeat:- Back-biting, pulling leg , letting down others, jealous for each other, possessiveness, telling lie, disrespect your parents and elders, corruption at workplace.Gurmeet Ram rahim Ji, Dera Sacha Sauda’s chief has initiated this beautiful concept of pledges.
  2. Stop being out from human category: Nature has set some rules for us that part us from the category of animals. Non-vegetarian is one of the foremost qualities that human biology resists. So if you are still non-vegetarian take a start-up to be vegetarian on the eve of Jan 2019. We bet you will inject a new hope in eco system and bliss in your family. This is in fact a part of 3 promises made by every Dera Sacha Sauda follower and millions have turned vegetarian.
  3. Be kind and do welfare: If you hold a good crowd and proved an efficient leader this is one of the best ways to start the Year. You can organize a welfare like : Tree Plantation, Cleaning campaign, feeding birds, making of food bank-cloth bank and toy bank, distribution of books and stationary and other scholarly material to poor and needy students, helping poor and needy patients in respect of : Kidney Dialysis, blood donations, eye transplantations, artificial aids to differently able, By organizing free Medical Check-up camps, nutritive diet packs to poor expecting mothers. Again a welfare activity routinely conducted by followers of Baba Ram Rahim.

This link shows the kind of activities undertaken by Dera Sacha Sauda, during Bhuj earthquake, we were awestruck by this single link.

  1. Check your mirror:The Mirror symbolizes the power of self-Knowledge. This self knowledge is according to Japanese Legend was the most treasured- (context-Rich Dad Poor Dad) .So learning a big lesson we must concentrate on us , what kind of person we are and what other abilities we need to develop to stand along the competitive world around. We can make association of the intelligent people with the starting of New Year to make a big change in us with the going of the year.
  2. Love your body: Research says when you practice something for at least 10 hours, you get the pulse. There is no denial in the fact that if you spend time shaping your health will bring you sure results. Health is Wealth. Taking the secret in life start the New Year with physical fitness mantras: Morning walk, Zoomba, Aerobics, classical dance , yoga and meditation are the core options for the best health. Give just 30 minutes in a day and enjoy long life.
  3. Start writing diary:One of the best ways to give a high start of this Year is to start writing about you. Writing will help you to analyse about you and the things fade from the memory with the passage of time. If you have a written of your deeds, it will help you after some time to know you better.
  4. Financial literacy: Take a resolution to be financially literate. O, hold on! It does not mean to achieve some degrees in finance and accounting from a recognized university. It simply means to be good in words and numbers wherever your money flows. If you achieve this literacy you put the foundation of financial freedom and max-out with your current income. So ultimately you achieve wealth along with money.
  5. Mind your own business : if you are a kind of person always busy doing works for others on a specific remunerations , then New year eve is the high time to think for yourself as well. While doing your jobs also make resolutions to start up your own business and be an employer any day. Your creative thinking will not only lead you but your country for success.

In fact few of these resolutions, like meditation, compassion, vegetarianism, even this one above are picked up from Dera Sacha Sauda as part of the tradition followed there. And Baba Ram rahim’s teachings to his followers.

  1. Relax your mind and soul: Take resolution to be tranquil and lighten up whatever the situation is. If you are calm in behave you can win any type of problem. If your soul is relaxed, it will generate miraculous powers inside you and will help you to co-relate with the supernatural powers around and also will help to rebuilt your strong Baba Ram rahim Ji teaches true meditation to his followers which increases their will power and acts as a tonic for healthy body mind and soul.
  2. 10 -10 always: Smiles all around. Declares the clock when it buzzes at 10:10 am. A smile is the universal welcome. No one in this world is ugly when he smiles. One of the sweetest startsfor the New Year is welcome the day with smiling face always. Be positive in attitude and keep a strong determination to succeed no matter how worse the situations are. This is a wonderful way of spreading smiles.

We hope you all will love the way we do start the year. Be creative, be strong and be a valuable asset for nation and planet.

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