King Demetrius, breaks the silence of his 20 years and 5 months of imprisonment

NEW YORK, NY, August 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Revealing an awe- inspiring tale of transformation, resilience, and spiritual awakening in his much-anticipated debut autobiography, King Demetrius The 1’st Prophet of the 1’st Prophecy: TREASON.

In “King Demetrius The 1’st Prophet of the 1’st Prophecy: TREASON” King Demetrius invites readers on an extraordinary odyssey through the darkest moments of his life, from the despair of incarceration to the profound discovery of inner peace and enlightenment. With raw vulnerability and candid introspection, he shares the trials and tribulations that shaped his life behind bars and ultimately led him to embrace spirituality as a guiding force.

Having endured the harsh realities of confinement for over two decades, King Demetrius bares his soul and provides a firsthand account of the challenges he faced while seeking solace and purpose in the most unlikely of places. Through the pages of his autobiography, he offers a powerful message of hope, forgiveness, and redemption, demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit even in the face of adversity.

King Demetrius’s autobiography delves into the following themes:

A Journey of Redemption: Discover the transformational journey from a life of captivity to finding
freedom and enlightenment within.

Spirituality Behind Bars: Uncover the unique spiritual experiences and insights gained during his time in prison.

The Road to Redemption: Experience the transformative power of forgiveness and the profound impact it had on King’s journey towards redemption.

Embracing Inner Peace: Join King as he uncovers the depths of inner peace and unveils the spiritual awakening that ultimately illuminated his path.

“King Demetrius The 1’st Prophet of the 1’st Prophecy: TREASON” is now available for purchase on

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