PORTLAND, MAINE, APRIL 28, 2016— With an affectionate love and passion for seeing businesses grow and thrive stronger in this difficult economic times, Dustin M. Lemelin the New Hampshire-born entrepreneur who now lives in Maine is keen on using his vast experiences in the entrepreneurship world in building a better business economy.

Dustin, who has worked in a wide of array of disciplines throughout his professional life, has been exposed to diverse kind of business challenges which has bequeathed to him state of the art skills that are suitable to achieve desired and guaranteed results, notwithstanding the present situation we are experiencing with the Timeshare Industry.

UntitledAfter having started the business, this industry has been published within all major media outlets including The Huffington Post, New York Times, Forbes.com, and Los Angeles magazines. Dustin noticed the perturbing increase in fraud stemming out of Timeshare Resort Developments all over the world. Since he has great compassion to salvage individuals from catastrophe, the irritating issue led him to establish a consumer protection advocacy agency in 2012 now known as Timeshare Release Now, LLC to enlighten, acknowledge Timeshare consumers  that  were  not  given  the  opportunity  to  fully understand the Timeshare and the Real Estate purchases they are condoning to. With Real Estate and Consumer Protection Laws in place this should not be happening, right? Our fellow US citizens, brothers & sisters needed help and Dustin stepped in to help. He mentioned, “We will stop Timeshare Fraud – one consumer at a time”, he added.

Timeshare Release Now, which started with just one employee, has tremendously grown that it now boasts of over 30+ employees nationwide. Affiliations with over 10+

Timeshare Advocacy Group’s in the same industry from California to UK. We have noticed a surge of fraud happening in other parts of the world and experiencing the same Timeshare fraud scandals we see happening in the US, which is why we teamed up with Timeshare Hulp of the UK (http://timesharehulp.nl/). Timeshare Release Now, which was established to provide a hotline for distress Timeshare Consumers and to mediate between the consumers and timeshare developers. Timeshare Release Now, has proudly helped thousands of its clients in solving their timeshare financial issues.

“I get a burst of gratification when I see my clients happy, healthy and living the kind of lifestyle they desire” Timeshare Freedom, said Dustin, founder of Timeshare Release Now, LLC. “Fraudulent business activities should not have a resting place in our society, we are all in this together”, he added.

With an exceptional ability to create swift actions, Dustin is focused on developing unwelcome surprises and he endeavors only to get high-quality results. Dustin, will make a positive staple in the industry, if he has not already.

For further information Dustin M. Lemelin visit www.timesharereleasenow.com.

About Dustin M. Lemelin:

Dustin has worked in a wide of array of disciplines throughout his professional career life from a Certified HP Business Partner, IT Management/Network Computing Background which had been a huge role starting his small business. Because of this background knowledge, his expertise is artistically creative and methodical to a small business seeking growth & success. He loves using his practical creativity from previous avocations to steer projects or business to the desired goal and guarantee outstanding results.

About Timeshare Release Now, LLC:

Timeshare Release Now, LLC, is at the forefront of the timesharing advocacy community. With over 25+ years of combined vacation travel experience, they are dedicated to providing their clients with informed and most efficient timeshare cancellation services. Please visit Timeshare Release located at 222 Saint John Street Ste 2G Portland, Maine, 04102 US www.TimeshareReleaseNow.com


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