The Neo2 Software has been much awaited for quite some time now. It has been in the works since a couple of years now. Now that it is available for the public we can openly say that this really could be the one. With real people behind it, real work to prove its effectiveness, and already showing real results, this binary trading app could really change how the game is played.

I have been writing reviews of binary options software for quite some time now and so far have found few, if not any at all, that can really match the possibilities of this software. Visit the website at, watch the video, check the testimonials, and you will see that this really could be it.

Neo2_software_scam_review-300x167Now, regardless how promising it looks and the information I had about it before its release, I do want to approach it wearing my typical sceptical glasses. I have learned from experience that not everything is as it seems. I will give my insight as to my concerns, the benefits, and some information about this software, how it works, and who is behind it. You can make your final decision for yourself.

This is a binary options software that is already making heads turn. It has proven to have an outstanding winning rate, without giving you unrealistic promises and claims. The website offers plenty of information as to how it works and who is behind it, and they have done plenty to be transparent and open about the software and what your expectations should be.

This auto trading software for binary options trading was developed by 4 very talented and accomplished individuals. They are actually all pretty well known in their own aspects and most importantly, are real. One of the main issues I have seen with such software is the fact that no one is who they claim to be in the videos and in the websites. In this case one of the man behind the software is Dr. Jack Piers, PhD who is the founder of NEO2. He is a Climate Forecasting Expert with work experience at NOAA and research on how the Earth as well as Commodities are affected by climate change.

Another individual behind this software is Michael Freeman. He is actually an expert in the online trading industry and his knowledge goes far beyond and before even binary options became a thing. He is very active in informing people about the market and binary options. His outstanding YouTube channel has one of the largest subscriber’s base where he discusses the niche and runs a Facebook Signals Group that focuses on charity donations by offering access to it for free if you donate $25 to a charity organization. This group has quickly grown to be one of the most popular when it comes to binary options and has become one of the biggest binary communities this year.


In conclusion, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, understand that regardless how effective a software is binary options are a risky business, and never trust anything that seems fishy. In the case with NEO2 I had a good feeling, read into it not only in reviews but real trader discussions in closed forums, and so far it has proven to be the real thing.