kasha the singerUpcoming Brooklyn grown singer cum trouper Kasha has been the fresh face of R&B artists. Kasha has been an exuberant National and International award winning songwriter, singer and performer who has in no time got the hold of social media in spreading her charisma of astounding voice.

Starting to develop her singing interest at a very juvenile age of 5, at the local town church, she has been practicing it thoroughly and has always taken her singing very seriously. Stepping the stones ahead into JR school and High school, she protracted the art/talent she was born with, with the support from her elder sister Tamiko who was an alma mater to Kasha after the death of her mother who was the mainstay of the family and a vocal trainer herself when Kasha was hardly a 14 year old.

She kept her interest intact and raised the motivation level thereafter with the help of Tamiko. Owing to her dedication and love and for music and gathering herself from whatever she had lost at a very young age, Kasha became the member of ASCAP which then made way for her opportunity to work with Todd Terry, an American DJ artist in her very popular number “I Want You” that pumped up the feet of millions and grasped popularity by the sale of 11k copies in the meagre amount of time.

kasha the entertainer

Her very popular number “Hero” held a bang of chartering for 24 consecutive weeks over national radio stations which proved out to be a hit single by her. The new star of the cosmos has been featured over numerous famous magazines like Hype Magazine October 2013 and January 2014 issues, Mafia Magazine in the same year of 2014, Star Magazine and Hip Rock Magazine in March 2014 issue and the very recent in 2016 was The Efiction India Magazine which was Kasha’s landing for a major International magazine.

In hardly any amount of time, Kasha has grown her popularity vigorously and is perpetually endeavoring hits one after the other. Media too has been the cherry on the top for Kasha‟s popularity as it has bolstered her to flourish. Singers in the same industry too have praised and applauded her work and her state-of-the-art.

Kasha possibly plans to bring out a new storm this year; of course a new hit again. Media and metropolitans are longing for one soon enough. This Brooklyn based lady who believes in living her dream, surely has a long way to go as she has proved one of her comments stating, “It has been a rocky road, but at the same time I survived it like a warrior.”