AI and Healthcare are Poised to Dominate as the most Promising Sectors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Several sectors are poised for substantial growth in 2024. Among these, AI and healthcare stand out as frontrunners, ready to assert their dominance in global markets. Both sectors exhibit remarkable adaptability, continually evolving to meet customer demands. To gain insights into the potential of these two sectors, we engaged in a conversation with Miami-based Angel Investor, K. Strong.

With over three decades of investment experience, Strong has witnessed the ups and downs of various industry trends. She’s observed the rise and fall of the dot-com era, the consolidation of online retail into major players, and the ever-changing landscape of high tech. However, for the year 2024, she is placing her bets on AI and healthcare. “I firmly believe that these two sectors are on the cusp of unmatched growth,” said Strong. The AI market presents an array of investment opportunities, as numerous smaller companies are likely to be acquired by larger entities. In the field of healthcare, continuous expansion driven by an aging population, cutting-edge treatments, robotic surgeries, and the utilization of big data for patient care signifies a promising path forward.

We spoke with Volkan Gurel, CEO at Layer.AI to find out about their current position and where they are headed for 2024. The company strategically maintains offices in both San Francisco and Miami, with their SF presence chosen due to its proximity to leading academic institutions and pioneering research companies. The Bay Area also boasts a pool of exceptional local talent, particularly in AI, gaming, computer vision, and engineering. This network provides unparalleled opportunities for collaboration with fellow founders, investors, and top-tier VC firms. Layer.AI launched in 2023 and released their beta version in July. They have gained recognition as the leading AI-powered productivity tool for professional game art creation. Their team has decades of combined game development and computer vision experience. They use this unique combination to focus on solving end-to-end workflows of game companies. Gurel continued, “Layer.AI is going to stay focused on perfecting 2D workflows from ideation to production ready assets and in 2024 the main focus will be animating 2D assets and exploring text to 3D and video creation workflows.” The company boasts an impressive management team comprised of co-founders, a characteristic that appeals to investors.

For insights into the healthcare sector, we engaged in a discussion with Michael Lussier, President of Lussier Data Architects, Inc. (LDA.) While their headquarters are in San Francisco they have significant presence in Santa Cruz, London, and Bangkok. Their clientele includes prominent healthcare providers such as Health Plan of San Mateo, The Mutual Risk Retention Group, and Vituity. Their dynamic software is rooted in agile methodology, with a specialized focus on crafting custom database applications. Lussier underscored the “adaptive nature of their software solutions, which have organically evolved to meet the unique demands of their clients.” Lussier said that their “approach is to ensure customers retain ownership of the code developed for them.” This ownership empowers clients with the flexibility to modify and adapt applications, transcending the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions. LDA includes a worker centric design to efficiently structure data and growth with day-to-day needs. Their unique process of data mining for reporting goes from the line-level to the C-level to produce data insights that are understandable and accessible to all.

As awareness of the healthcare industry’s existing strain grows, many individuals are taking proactive steps to maintain their health by adopting healthier dietary habits. We had the opportunity to speak with Bridget Ludy, the President, and Founder of Pivotal Health. Her company has introduced a “groundbreaking line of chocolate products that are sugar-free, kosher, keto-friendly, non-GMO, vegetarian, and suitable for diabetics.” With over 40 years of experience in chocolate making and her personal experience of being diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, Bridget recognized a need for gourmet-level, sugar-free chocolate products in the market. This realization led to the creation of her company. Given that the number of diabetics in the U.S. has reached over 37.3 million and is projected to exceed 54.9 million by 2030, her product line provides an idea solution for diabetes and health-conscious individuals who desire a sweet treat while avoiding sugar. The launch of their product line is scheduled for January 2024.

2024 holds great promise for these energetic sectors. According to Strong, “healthcare remains an industry that has proven resilience against economic downturns. It consistently expands in response to the evolving needs of patients making it a continuous source of growth and innovation.” She also believes that AI to be on an exponential trajectory, primarily driven by advancements in computing technology and the evolution of industry requirements and user demands. AI’s promise spans diverse domains, healthcare included. She noted that “when sectors collaborate, their future shines brighter than ever.”

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