Public media harnesses the power of the AirKast mobile ecosystem, unlocking thousands in new underwriting funds!

PLEASANTON, CA, August 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — AirKast Inc., a premier mobile app developer for broadcasters and podcasters, has strengthened its collaboration with public media radio stations to enhance mobile engagement and underwriting potential.

Understanding the Audience: Visual Analytics Validates Brand Loyalty

For years, public media has boasted of having one of the most devoted listener bases in broadcasting. The primary hurdle? Demonstrating this loyalty to their partners. AirKast’s sophisticated mobile analytics have bridged this gap with in-depth listening visualizations, specialized affinity categories, and comprehensive underwriting campaign analytics that surpass mere ‘clicks’ and ‘impressions.’

Innovative Advertising Avenues

Public media has traditionally used audio messages to appreciate their sponsors, aiming to maintain streamlined on-air broadcasts. However, visual mobile messaging has emerged as a subtle yet effective means of connecting with listeners, increasing underwriting funds, and achieving the desired digital KPIs. This approach has opened doors to fresh revenue streams.

Hilary Greene, Director of Underwriting for WMVY FM, shared, “Leveraging the AirKast mobile platform has unlocked thousands of new underwriting dollars in the past year. Due to its immense success, we’ve expanded access and adjusted the campaign pricing.” Popular underwriting categories encompass food, beverages, and tourism.

We are excited to announce that Newark Public Media and Rocky Mountain Public Media have become the latest additions to our family of premium public broadcasters. By harnessing the AirKast ecosystem, they forge stronger bonds with their audience while unlocking fresh opportunities for their sponsors.

AirKast’s Dedication to Uplifting Public Broadcasters

Michael Fischer, EVP of AirKast, is enthusiastic about the breakthrough data. He stated, “Public radio enthusiasts are among the most interactive audio consumers. Our partners have always sought a method to demonstrate the fidelity of their listenership. Until now, showcasing the impact of an underwriting campaign on community connection was a challenge. Our ability to create and modify campaigns in real-time and our exclusive analytics furnish them with granular demographic and psychographic insights, showcasing tangible growth for advertisers. We are relentlessly pursuing novel strategies for public radio to captivate audiences and generate new revenue.”

About AirKast

A pioneer in mobile app development, AirKast has rolled out over 1,000 apps across North America, Europe, and Latin America. Collaborating with over 60 media giants, AirKast’s proprietary “AirBridge” platform and “Air Connectors” underpin mobile applications that are robust, secure, and scalable, ensuring companies connect with vast audiences seamlessly.

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