The Blades of Chaos replicas of the video game God of War are becoming a popular item amongst fans of the game, say experts.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, August 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The iconic weapons of God of War’s fierce protagonist, Kratos, are difficult to replicate in real life, game developers say, due to their visual magnificence within the video game world. However, Otaku Ninja Hero, one of the leading sellers of various replicas, has managed to pull off replicas of many of Kratos weapons. In fact, the company has a history of replicating anime swords in materials from wood to plastic but in a way that makes them look real, with close attention to detail but all the while making sure it is not real or harmful in any way. These make for so-called otaku decorations or props, especially for any fan.

First debuting in the 2005 original God of War, the Blades of Chaos have become synonymous with the grisly antihero Kratos, playing a central role with his ruthless fighting style throughout the franchise.

According to David from Otaku Ninja Hero, early attempts at forging the Blades of Chaos resulted in non-stop adjustments and redo’s attempts to achieve the right balance between beauty and realistic appearance.

Despite the difficulties, the team persisted in trying to craft the perfect real-world versions for fans to behold. Finally, they got it right, with the replicas looking as good as their video game counterparts.

Readers can check out the Blades of Chaos by visiting the Otaku Ninja Hero’s official website at:

“The Blades of Chaos are so iconic at this point, we can’t give up,” said a representative of Otaku Ninja Hero. “They’re central to Kratos’ image and combat style. For now, we just have to embrace that what works so seamlessly in the game may still elude us in physical form. But we’ve gotten closer than anyone else in creating these replicas, thus paying tribute to one of gaming’s most renowned weapons.”

The Blades of Chaos, together with a lot of other new collectibles, are available for preorders, and according to the company, there is a limited quantity. Thus, God of War fans are advised to pick up these beautiful pieces of gamer art before they run out.

About Otaku Ninja Hero

Otaku Ninja Hero brings high-quality replica items to fans worldwide through its online storefront. Though based in Europe, Otaku Ninja Hero has expanded its distribution warehouses in recent years, now shipping its selection of merchandise to satisfied returning customers across the globe. The company’s goal is to provide any fan with the most accurate replicas of the highest quality possible at an affordable price. The company is established by a collector of geek merchandise, who knows how wonderful it is to chase and find the perfect showpiece for his personal collection.

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