A true art collaboration between musical expression and visual art, the project “Free to a New World” emerges as a thrilling convergence of talents.

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a beautiful blend of visual art and musical talent, intuitive painter and Visual Creative Director Valerie Graniou-Cook has joined forces with young British music talent Cormac Thompson, world-renowned pianist Dominic Ferris, and acclaimed British songwriter Glo Macari to create an enthralling music video for the new song, “Free to a New World.”

Valerie Graniou-Cook, known for her stunning and emotive artwork, operates under the banner of her website, Paintingsfromwithin.com, where her diverse range of paintings are on display. Approached by Dominic Ferris for this unique collaboration, Graniou-Cook has infused the music video with her signature style, rich in color and emotion.

“This collaboration has been an incredibly fulfilling experience,” stated Valerie Graniou-Cook. “Working alongside such talented individuals like Cormac, Dominic, and Glo has allowed me to push my creative boundaries and contribute to a project that is truly special. ‘Free to a New World’ is a song that speaks to the soul, and I am honored to have played a part in bringing it to life visually.”

Renowned globally for his extraordinary talent and creative prowess, pianist Dominic Ferris helmed the production of the song. According to Ferris, capturing Cormac Thompson’s voice was akin to composing an emotional symphony, deeply resonating with the essence and profound layers of the song in an unmatched manner. Commending Graniou-Cook’s remarkable work, Ferris highlighted, “Valerie possesses an extraordinary ability for encapsulating the emotional essence of music and transforming it into visual art. Her involvement has undeniably bestowed this project with a stunning depth and beauty.”

Glo Macari, the visionary behind the poignant lyrics and music of “Free to a New World, initially co-written with Roger Ferris,” expressed delight in seeing her composition take on new life through the collaborative efforts. “Witnessing Valerie’s artwork, Cormac’s emotive voice, and Dominic’s piano skills unite for this project is truly remarkable; it breathes fresh life into the essence of the song.”

At the heart of this creation is Cormac Thompson, a young multi-talented British singer, renowned for his soulful voice and emotive performances. Cormac, who was just 13 years old when he recorded the vocals for this beautiful song, reflected on the experience of the collaboration between music and visual arts and he emphasized how “The passion and talent brought by Valerie, Dominic, and Glo has truly made ‘Free to a New World’ a remarkable project and it is a privilege for me to have been part of it.”

“Free to a New World” is set to release on Spotify (song) and YouTube (music video) on November 10, 2023. This release promises an immersive audio-visual experience, showcasing the synergy between visual art, musical performance, and compelling songwriting.

For more information, to request a media interview, or to contact: Valerie Graniou-Cook, please visit https://paintingsfromwithin.com

About Valerie Graniou-Cook: Valerie Graniou-Cook is an intuitive painter and Visual Creative Director recognized for her expressive and vibrant artwork. Her pieces explore the deep emotional landscapes of the soul, capturing the resonance of human dreams and spiritual aspirations through her use of color, texture, and form. Dancing between abstract and figurative, she creates inspirational paintings that resonate deep within the heart. Her portfolio, showcased on her website Paintingsfromwithin.com, offers a glimpse into her creative journey.

Dominic Ferris, please visit https://dominicferris.com

About Dominic Ferris: Dominic. World-renowned pianist Dominic Ferris is a highly accomplished and versatile pianist, composer, and musical director known for his extraordinary technical skill and expressive playing style. His performances are characterized by a unique blend of classical precision and contemporary flair, showcasing his versatility as a musician. Alongside his proficiency as a performer, and being a Steinway global ambassador, Ferris is recognized for his expertise as a composer and musical arranger, contributing to numerous projects and performances.

Cormac Thompson, please visit https://www.cormacthompson.com

Cormac Thompson is a British singer whose compelling voice and emotive delivery have captured the attention of audiences both locally and internationally. Known for his versatility across various music genres, Cormac brings a depth and sincerity to his performances that resonate with listeners. His ability to connect with the music’s emotional core, paired with his vocal clarity, makes him a standout talent in the contemporary music scene. With a growing repertoire of songs, Cormac continues to establish himself as a singer of passion, talent, and authenticity.

Glo Macari, please visit http://www.glomacari.com

Glo Macari is a renowned songwriter and musician, known for her evocative lyrics and melodious compositions. With a deep understanding of musical storytelling, she crafts songs that resonate with audiences, creating emotional landscapes through her words and melodies. Her ability to intertwine narrative and song has made her a sought-after collaborator in the music industry. Gloria’s passion for music and her commitment to artistic expression shine through in every piece she creates, solidifying her reputation as a talented and thoughtful songwriter.

Roger Ferris, a renowned British pop music composer prominent in the 1970s and 1980s, co-wrote the debut song “Free to a New World” with Glo Macari. In the late 1960s, he served as a sound engineer for recordings by The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios. Since the 1990s, Ferris has been the bass player and co-writer for the British blues trio Smokestack.

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