There is a common misconception held by most people when they hear the word rehab center .it is believed to be a place where people with drug addiction problems go for reform. That isn’t far from the truth, the function of rehab centers exceeds just drug addiction, and there are different forms of rehabilitation which range from drugs and substances rehabilitation, criminal rehabilitation, and emotional rehabilitation.

Drug rehabilitation is the most rampant as a result of the increased rate of drug abuse among youths. The needs for physical rehabilitation also equals that of the drug as more disability ranging from stroke, aphasia, spinal cord and mobility issues are becoming rampant among individual in the society especially older people from the ages of 50 and above.

Philadelphia, a small town in Pennsylvania America, it houses some of the best rehab centers across the country.
Some of the best physical rehabilitation centers are found in this area. This list contains a good number of Philadelphia rehab centers .they include centers that offer programs in various areas such as physical rehabilitation, emotional rehabilitation, and drug rehabilitation. You can find Rehab Centers carefully selected based on the needs of individuals.


Moss rehab is ranked as one of the best rehab centers in Pennsylvania. This center was established in 1959. Their treatment plan covers both inpatient and outpatient services. Their team of specializing staffs is highly capable and experienced.

Their team of specialists provides physical, speech and occupational therapy treatment to their list of clients, as well as treatment for conditions ranging from simple to complex disorder and injuries.

They are renowned for the use of advance and leading technologies in their treatment plans. Their main strength lies in creating outstanding care for stroke disorders. They have well-experienced specialists on hand to attend to their clients at every call, ensuring they receive proper care.

They are the best choice for patients recovering from orthopedic and injury disorder.


Belmont behavioral hospital is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, the main goal and objective of this facility are to provide mental and behavioral care to people suffering from disorders ranging from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress disorder, eating disorder and many more.

Their programs are available to children between the ages of five, as well as adults. They include outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment and partial hospitalization base on the severity of client’s condition.
Everyone’s condition is unique, that is why programs are designed to meet the special need of each individual.


Nothing gives individuals more joy than going about their normal activities whilst still attending their rehab programs.

Outpatient rehab allows clients to attend programs from their home without interrupting their day to day activities like work.

One of such facilities that offer such services is “Rehab after work”, they offer a well-organized outpatient rehab program to their list of numerous clients. Which include one- one counseling with a therapist, nutritional coaching, group, and family therapy session, relapse prevention etc.
Outpatient rehab restricts proper supervision from the rehab centers, as a result, patients a day to day activities cannot be fully checked, clients are required to have a high degree of self-discipline in order to achieve their aim.


Endeavor house is a treatment center that specializes in treating individuals suffering from mild to acute drug and alcohol addiction. Their patients range from 18 years and above.

Their existence has spanned over 50 years, helping a countless number of people, especially youth in overcoming their dependence on a chemical substance.

They implement the 12- step recovery method in their list of services, in a bid to ease patients into recovering .behavioral and lifestyle therapy process, is utilized in their well-planned recovery plan.


Strive physical therapy is a physical rehab center located in Philadelphia, mainland. This company is owned by a company which provides outpatient physical therapy to individuals suffering from physical disorders resulting from activities like tear and injuries.

This facility is also a sports rehab center, with over 51 health care providers under their ranks, and well-chosen specialists whose strength lies in areas ranging from physical therapy, to occupational therapy. They are a certified member of the medical group.