Zhejiang Cangnan 168 Golden Coast awaits you to tread the waves and chase the sands

WENZHOU, CHINA, October 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Here, there are fruits from all over the country: lychee, plantains, cantaloupe, passion fruit, hawthorn… In just one town, there are 54 varieties, enough to form a deck of playing cards. This place has also served as the backdrop for many films and TV series, including “Chang Hen Ge” (Song of Everlasting Sorrow), “Xiao Zhen Xi Yang” (Sunset in a Small Town), “Jia Xie Zhi Lian” (Summer, Dust), “Dan Che Qi Yuan” (Beijing Bicycle), and “Han River Monster 3”. This place is the 168 Golden Coastline in Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province, China.

Cangnan 168 Gold Coast is one of the four pioneering sections of eco-coastal areas in Zhejiang province, and has a natural coastline surrounded between mountains and seas, which is rare even in the whole nation. The coastline is about 168 kilometers long, like a jade belt, stretching between the mountains and the sea, depicting a “Cangnan where mountains meet the sea” natural scenery. With its north end located in Chongjiaao Village of Yanting Town and the south end reaching Yanpu Town of Zhejiang and Fujian provincial border, along the coastline, there are 1 marine ecological wetland, 2 natural fabulous bays, 31 sand beaches and 84 natural islands, making this coastline possessing more mountain and sea resources than anyone else in the province. It strings up the golden sand beaches, island and reef exotic rocks, ancient fishing village sites as well as mudflats, is a premium coastal resource line and serves as the comprehensive platform for the Cangnan’s whole tourism industry with strong characteristics.

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