Victoria Napolitano has taken her passion for haute couture, music, and design to unprecedented heights with her groundbreaking European novelette series spanning five countries.

NEW YORK, NY, August 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Victoria Napolitano, the award-winning designer, founder, and editor-in-chief of the Mademoiselle French Collection, is celebrating seventeen years of publication. The luxury magazine was first created to showcase her haute couture. To capture her designs the way she envisioned them, Victoria developed her skill of photography. As her designing progressed, she began to write stories around her couture. She soon found herself writing and sketching simultaneously. Accompanying the stories were short films about the story lines, for which she won her first award in 2018. Since then, she has won a film award for five consecutive years.

In 2019, Victoria began to compose the music for the films and couture. She has since expanded into design, music, and film to form her new Mademoiselle French Collection series.

The Mademoiselle French Collection will begin production of its series in New York and Europe during the Spring of 2024.

The recently released Mademoiselle French Collection luxury magazine features Masiela Lusha on its cover. She is slated to play the role of Valentina Divittori in Midnight In Florence. This Special European Edition has been made available in English, Italian, and French, thus widening its readership. Additionally, Victoria Napolitano’s novelette, From Paris to Passion, one of the five components of the series, is included as a bonus in the newly released Mademoiselle French Collection luxury magazine. It is accessible in both written and audio formats.

“I want to bring back the charm and nostalgia of Old Hollywood movies to those of us who appreciate their classic elegance. I want to create a world where audiences can escape into a realm of glitz, dreams, and beauty, if only for a brief moment in time,” says Victoria Napolitano.

This series promises to be a noteworthy occasion, permitting viewers to be engrossed in the ambience of each scene and appreciate Victoria Napolitano’s remarkable fashion designs. Upon completion of filming, all the high fashion and other props utilized on stage and screen will be accessible to bid on in select private events held in distinguished locations around the globe, including Manhattan and Europe.

Victoria Napolitano’s dramatic soundtrack for the novelette series has been completed and is now accessible through various digital music outlets, such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and over 50 others. Two of the songs have been awarded accolades including Best Music Director, Best International Song, Best Original Song, and Best Trailer. Victoria Napolitano has been interviewed about her new music in Germany and Budapest, giving a dramatic insight into her artistry. “Music has a profound impact on our emotions, and I believe that it is something that sticks with us, no matter how old we are,” remarked Victoria Napolitano.

The original songs written for the novelette series were composed with the intention of creating powerful and memorable moments for the audience. The melodies and lyrics were designed to transport the viewers to the world of the story and allow them to emotionally connect with the characters. The music was also composed to reflect the overall tone of the series, emphasizing certain themes and ideas that were important. To hear the soundtrack, individuals can look for it on Victoria Napolitano’s website or on the aforementioned music platforms.

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