The new bereavement gift registry empowers mourners to voice their needs and gives supporters the chance to provide them with a gift they truly need

NEW YORK, NY, November 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Losing a loved one is a profoundly painful human experience, especially during challenging times. Knowing that others are thinking of and supporting us can alleviate some of the burden of grief. Traditional condolence gifts like food, flowers, money, and notes are appreciated, but often, more practical and meaningful items are desired. BereaveMe, a newly established bereavement gift registry, aims to assist well-wishers in providing sympathy gifts that cater to the specific needs of those in mourning.

Founded in 2023 by Meredith Reed, BereaveMe emerged from her personal experience of losing her father in November 2022. While Reed’s family and friends generously offered support with various gifts, they often missed the mark in terms of what the grieving family truly needed or desired during that difficult time.

Reed shared, “When you’re grieving, it can be challenging to articulate your needs, leading people to default to traditional gifts like flowers and food. While these gestures are kind, my experience showed that there’s a limit to how much food or how many flowers one can truly use.” Drawing from her own encounter with grief, Reed sought to create a more effective way for mourners to communicate their needs to those offering support, enabling well-wishers to provide meaningful assistance during such trying times.

BereaveMe was born out of this desire to connect grieving individuals with those who want to support them through distinctive sympathy gifts. The platform operates similarly to a wedding or baby registry. Those in mourning can establish a registry on BereaveMe’s website, selecting from a diverse array of memorial gifts, including jewelry, unique gift baskets, home décor, photo albums, and more. Friends and family can then access the registry to choose a meaningful gift that the bereaved have personally identified as something they require or desire in their time of sorrow. BereaveMe also simplifies the grieving process by reducing the need for numerous phone calls, emails, and texts from well-meaning individuals inquiring about necessary items.

Reed envisions BereaveMe as a means of normalizing the expression of needs during the grieving journey. She emphasizes, “98% of people are willing to help when asked, but only 2% of people will actually ask for help. BereaveMe not only addresses a gap in the bereavement industry by providing a much-needed service but also empowers those in mourning to vocalize their needs, allowing others to support them in truly meaningful ways.”

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