Vishal Baijal Takes a Seat on BrainTap’s Board of Directors

NEW BERN, NC, October 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the dimension where data serves both as ink and quill, Vishal Baijal has become the master calligrapher of the modern era’s data driven business growth. Baijal’s journey to achieving a board of directors’ seat at BrainTap is not merely another advisory role; it defines his lifetime passion to innovate and create impact at scale. As a board member, alongside founder Dr. Patrick Porter and other board members, Mr. Baijal will help strategize and position BrainTap on an accelerated growth path along with driving “To Better a Billion Brains” mission.

With over 25 years of experience across multiple geographies and industries, Baijal has been successfully driving growth and innovation at scale with a trifecta of his corporate leadership roles, entrepreneurial pursuits, and academia. Renowned for his impact leadership, Vishal has been advising large-scale transformations for Fortune 500 companies, incubating and advising multiple startups, and teaching and mentoring future leaders.

From the bustling lanes of Mumbai to the streets of New York, Vishal’s journey plunged into the corporate world with a promise of technological innovations. 23 years ago, driven by American dreams, Baijal landed in New York with $200 in his pocket and innovated his way through dotcom, mobile, data, cloud, crypto, AI to Gen AI.

As a head of Technology, AI & Data, and sustainability advisory at LTIMindtree, Vishal helps unlock the value of data, transform businesses with future-tech, and obtain tech-alpha for his enterprise clients. Earlier at UBS, Vishal helped shape multi-year data and analytics strategy and integrated ESG to climate aware funds. At American Express, he led data and analytics ecosystem modernization and his patented work in “modeling and monitoring data access behavior” led to predicting and preventing data breaches from unusual user activities. Each role he played added a brilliant hue to his multifaceted persona.

His entrepreneurial spirit painted its own portrait. Whether it was venturing into the luxury fashion shoe industry with OCEEDEE or delving into Ayurvedic wellness with VRINDAAM, Vishal brought his corporate skills to scale startups and startups skills to innovate in corporate.

Enter BrainTap Inc., the avant-garde firm committed to optimizing human potential through balanced brainwave states. BrainTap recognized Vishal’s unparalleled ability of being a visionary who can see and connect both the granular details and the overarching goals. Moreover, Mr. Baijal brings a dynamic growth lens through his involvement as partner and advisor to India-based VENTURE CATALYSTS the second largest and one of the fastest growing accelerators in the world.

“We are on the precipice of redefining the boundaries between technology and human potential. Vishal Baijal brings not only vast technological expertise and corporate leadership to BrainTap but also a holistic view of innovation that synergizes beautifully with our mission to better a billion brains. His unique blend of corporate savvy and deep-rooted cultural perspectives on wellness elevates our capacity to meld the ancient with the cutting-edge. We welcome him to our board as a visionary peer who is just as committed to optimizing human brain function as we are. Together, we’re advancing a new frontier for mental wellness and performance, one brainwave at a time.” – Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.

With family businesses in India and having taught entrepreneurship to over 10% of India’s GDP future leaders, Vishal’s deep understanding of India aligns seamlessly with BrainTap’s strategic priorities.

Mr. Baijal add’s, “I grew up in India with yoga, meditation, mantras, and the deep rooted ancient Indian Vedic tradition of sound healing – a unique approach to wellbeing, restoring balance and facilitating spiritual growth. I didn’t realize how important ancient Indian health techniques are until I met Dr. Porter and experienced the similar impact with his science at BrainTap. Dr. Patrick Porter is a unique leader in today’s global brain health ecosystem as well as a portal between ancient Indian Vedic tradition of sound healing and today’s science-based approach. I am truly excited and honored to join him on his quest to better a billion brains. His technology can make the planet a better place for everyone — we use BrainTap daily in my family and I’m glad that I have found a scientific way of explaining ancient Indian traditions of sound healing to my children.”

Together, Vishal Baijal and BrainTap embark on a transformative journey that promises to reshape how we interact with our inner universe — the mind itself. This association not only expands the portfolio of Mr. Baijal’s ever-growing impact work, but also hyper accelerates BrainTap’s mission “To Better a Billion Brains” one brainwave at a time.

About BrainTap:
BrainTap® is the leading brain fitness app platform. The company’s unique technology improves neuroplasticity through audio sessions led by renowned health and wellness experts across mental health, longevity, endurance, nutrition, and more. The BrainTap App features unparalleled brainwave entrainment technology combined with guided visualization. Users can upgrade their experience with the BrainTap Headset, which works in concert with the audio sessions. The headset provides auricular therapy and varied light frequencies that dose the eyes and ears with energy, promoting healing and overall well-being. This one-of-a-kind brain training experience helps users to think, sleep, and perform better anytime, anywhere. More than 7 million sessions have been played and BrainTap is trusted by over 2,600 healthcare professionals. BrainTap is available via monthly subscription and offers users more than 2,000 original audio sessions in 12 languages within its mobile app, available on Apple and Android devices. BrainTap has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Fortune, Health, Inc., People, The Wall Street Journal and more.

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