Diasphere holds a leading position in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and proudly presents its set of solutions for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). These solutions are specifically developed and intended for MEP services.

AUSTIN, TX, September 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As a leading BIM VDC services provider for MEP systems, Diasphere is ready to ensure swift and seamless project implementation for on-site teams. The company offers an extensive working experience that enables the avoidance of any mistakes and unnecessary financial risks.

At Diasphere, only MEP engineers in their field are employed. They provide comprehensive services for mechanical and plumbing contractors that include the following:

BIM modeling for all trades;
Detailed shop drawings;
3D coordination & clash resolution.

Diasphere extensive experience in virtual design and construction allows them to make a quick turnaround time of just 24 hours, providing only constructable BIM content without any delays, even for the most complex projects.

How it Works

Diasphere’s pre-construction virtual design services are represented by a comprehensive analysis of construction documents. Following the analysis, targeted solutions for virtual construction or design are applied. The company is constantly refining and striving for perfection.

These principles extend across all stages of any project: from pre-construction phases to the final outcome. It is ensured that projects of any complexity will be executed precisely on schedule and within the established budget.

The professional team of skilled engineers and BIM designers at Diasphere has the capacity to provide high-quality BIM deliverables, including the following:

fully clash-free models;
accurate shop drawings;
as-built documentation;
precise quantity take-offs.

Diasphere has successfully combined the expertise of engineers, modern BIM technologies, and a customer-centric approach. All of these elements have been integrated into the optimization of BIM processes. Now, a modern approach is ensured, enabling the seamless implementation of any construction project.

What the Team is Prepared to Assist With

Diasphere’s services cater to various sectors, including HVAC, plumbing system, gas and oil, fire protection, and electrical installations. The company’s years of experience in developing accurate working drawings and BIM detailing guarantee that all construction stages will be efficiently realized through precise construction documentation. These papers accompany the entire project.

Any prepared virtual project is coordinated and discussed with the client. This ensures high BIM outcomes that are tailored to client needs.

Any construction project will be guaranteed to be safe, as the company integrates precise working drawings into all preparatory stages. Well-executed drawings like these eliminate all working inaccuracies and address any challenges during the work process. They also eliminate the need for rework, minimizing financial losses.

Is It Worth Availing These Services?

Diasphere is your BIM VDC services provider for MEP systems, assisting in achieving everything on time, with expertise and intelligence. Specialists will help execute plumbing and mechanical tasks seamlessly, all within 24 hours.

Imagine having a team now that ensures the precise implementation of all stages without a single conflict. And it’s not a newcomer, but experienced professionals with years of expertise working on diverse projects in the USA. So, if you require a top-notch team, Diasphere is exactly what you need!

Diasphere is BIM services provider that specializing in all MEP trades. Our BIM team delivers fully clash-free models, that allowing us to provide high-quality construction content, such as accurate shop drawings, as build documentation and quantity take-offs.

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