Dr. Bonnie McLean a Beacon if Inspiration to Women in Oriental & Integrative Medicine

PENSACOLA, FL, November 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — For her accomplishments as an Oriental Medicine Specialist, Dr. Bonnie McLean, O.M.D., A.P., M.A., B.S.N., has been the recipient of the Empowered Women in Medicine Award given by the exclusive medical society the Patient Preferred Network.

With more than five decades in medicine, 40 of those years in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Dr. McLean treats patients at her private practice, Spirit Gate Medicine located in Pensacola, FL where she specializes in pain and stress-related conditions, addiction, allergies, and women’s health.

Dr. McLean’s childhood and life have always been immersed in medicine. Her father was a urologist, her mother was a nurse, and Bonnie herself was a registered nurse for 20 years. It wasn’t until she herself was in the hospital and experienced poor aftercare, that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Her integrative medicine approach explores both Western and Eastern medicine and treatments that include acupuncture and meditation.

“The results I receive after each treatment is mind-blowing and life-changing!”

According to Dr. McLean, her patient philosophy emphasizes the importance of compassion and communication. Patients rate Dr. Bonnie McLean five-stars for her expertise and compassion. “Dr. Bonnie Mclean is a passionate, intuitive, caring, wise, and highly skilled practitioner,” read a patient review. “The results I receive after each treatment are mind-blowing and life-changing! I always feel so much better after seeing her for PTSD, depression, anxiety, and shoulder pain from an old injury.”

Dr. McLean’s success began with a bachelor’s in science degree from Duke University, in 1967. She continued to receive a master’s in counseling from Pepperdine University, in 1977; and holds certification in Orthopedic Acupuncture from the Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, Ca. and a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine from the California Acupuncture College in Westwood, Ca. Dr. McLean also has extensive training in hypnosis, energy medicine, and shamanic healing. She spent many years traveling all over the world to learn about these ancient practices and has learned of shamanism and shamanic healing specifically, so she’d be able to work more with her patients on a spiritual and emotional level.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. McLean lectures on staying healthy and is the author of Integrative Medicine: The Return of the Soul to Health Care, available on Amazon and her website, https://SpiritGateMedicine.com. “Integrative medicine certainly dances between the worlds of allopathic medicine, natural medicine, and quantum medicine,” she writes. “It incorporates the wonderful technology, diagnostic tools, and lifesaving procedures and surgeries of Western medicine with energy medicine, natural approaches to health, and the touch of the healer. I think it would be fair to call it a “medicine of the in-between.”

But Dr. McLean doesn’t leave the subject there. She also takes on the tar baby of American politics- the U.S. healthcare system- and lays out a practical and moral argument for extracting the profit motive from medicine and using an integrative medical model to make healthcare more effective and affordable.

Dr. McLean is truly setting a precedent when it comes to compassion and integration in modern medicine, and her patients couldn’t be happier. “After suffering from a prolonged and stressful lifestyle coupled with back pain and severe insomnia, I was very fortunate to find Dr. Bonnie and experience the amazing benefits of acupuncture and energy healing,” read the review.

“I was overwhelmed by the immediate, positive mind and body results (certainly unmatched by conventional medicine). Dr. Bonnie has a genuine, kind, and gentle healing spirit that has forever changed my life. Pensacola is truly blessed to have this angel in their midst.”

Dr. Bonnie McLean holds the title of Patient Preferred Holistic Practitioner, has been listed among the Top Preferred Professionals in America, and is a featured cover in Top Industry Expert Magazine.

To learn how Integrative Oriental Medicine can help you, make an appointment for consultation with Patient Preferred Practitioner, Dr. Bonnie McLean today!

Please visit https://www.spiritgatemedicine.com or https://empathicpractice.us/dr-bonnie-bio/.

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