Give a Second Chance to Animals in Need

PITTSBURGH, PA, July 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pawprint Oxygen, a leading provider of pet oxygen masks, is pleased to announce a unique opportunity for animal lovers to make a significant impact on their local communities. By donating a set of PureVent Pet Oxygen Masks to their local fire department, individuals can help save the lives of animals affected by poor air quality during wildfire season.

Pets are vulnerable to respiratory problems and other health issues caused by smoke and airborne pollutants generated by wildfires. In emergency situations, oxygen is often the first line of treatment for recovery. It helps clear the pet’s body of carbon monoxide and replenishes each cell, increasing their chances of survival.

When making a donation with Pawprint Oxygen, you can trust that your contribution is going to a great cause and making a positive impact. According to a spokesperson from Pawprint Oxygen, “Our organization believes in the importance of equipping first responders with the necessary tools to provide immediate and life-saving care to animals in need. By donating a set of PureVent Oxygen Masks, individuals can make a significant difference in their community’s ability to respond to emergencies involving pets.”

Donating a set of PureVent Oxygen Masks to your local fire department equips first responders with the necessary equipment to administer oxygen to pets in need. The masks, available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) to accommodate a broad range of animals, are designed to be effective and safe for use by trained professionals.

To make a donation click here, individuals can order a set of pet oxygen masks through the Pawprint Oxygen website. They have the option to ship the masks directly to themselves or their chosen organization. If the preference is to have the masks shipped directly to the local fire department, donors can simply enter the fire department’s address in the shipping information, and a donation note will be included.

Sharing the donation on social media platforms is also highly encouraged, as it raises awareness and inspires others to contribute. Every fire department can benefit from having the means to administer oxygen to animals in the field.

By participating in this initiative, animal lovers can have a profound impact on their community’s ability to save the lives of pets during times of crisis.

For more information about Pawprint Oxygen and how to donate a set of PureVent Pet Oxygen Masks, call 855-699-4366 or visit

Pawprint Oxygen is a leading provider of pet oxygen masks, dedicated to helping pets breathe easier in emergency situations. With a commitment to improving the outcomes for pets experiencing respiratory distress, Pawprint Oxygen offers high-quality oxygen masks that are safe and effective for administering oxygen to animals.

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