MOWRATOR S1: Do It Yourself, Better but Easier

SHENZHEN, CHINA, November 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — MOWRATOR, the premium AI-assisted remote-controlled lawnmower brand, has seized attention by unveiling the S1 remote-controlled lawn mower at the Maker Expo in Orlando, Florida. The collaboration of MOWRATOR’s overseas developer and seasoned maker, Josh Starnes, along with the product manager, Anna Hu, played an essential role in supporting the project’s development.

A massive test drive safety barrier was assembled outdoors at the entrance, spanning twenty-five feet by twenty-five feet. The sheer size and bright yellow color allowed every guest heading in the gate to know something huge was going on. The demonstration was directly on the other side of the fence, where all the entrants waited in line to buy their tickets and get their wristbands. Before the guests entered, they were watching others take their chance at the test drive. The guests shared that their first impression was that the mower looked very tough with a steel tube frame. The fabrication quality differed from the current market’s more miniature, plastic, toy-like robots. The interactive demonstration provided the perfect area for new users to experience how easy the S1 was to operate.

First, the new user was introduced to basic stick movements. Smiles lined the faces of testers as they felt how smoothly the MOWRATOR S1 moved around the demonstration area. Then, additional features were introduced: cruise control and automatic turn and stripe. That was where the MOWRATOR team got the big “Whoa! Now That was Cool!”. Now that the tester had a few minutes to practice, the MOWRATOR team continued to wow them when the engineer activated the blade. The operation was whispered, and the conversation was easily continued as the user zoomed around the safety area. “But wait, there’s more.” a simple blade swap and addition of the leaf collection bag transforms the AI-assisted mower into a powerful leaf collection machine. After the user was satisfied with their clean-up job, the engineer dumped out the collected leaves and allowed the following new user to get their turn.

On the first day, they witnessed an enthusiastic queue of approximately 50 families eager to experience the S1. By the conclusion of the two-day event, the S1 had garnered the interest of hundreds of participants, with nearly 300 leaving their contact details to receive timely updates on the S1’s ongoing development progress. Every test operation was followed up with an informal feedback session from the operators. A chance to ask questions and give their candid opinions.

The support of all the test participants reciprocated during the event was simply amazing. The positive feedback gives the development team a compass, letting them know what they have proper and what they must work on to have a robust and desirable brand.

Member Background:

Josh Starnes: A seasoned maker, robotics consultant, and overseas development collaborator supporting MOWRATOR’s early development. Josh has been involved in earlier research on the robot since November 2022. In April, he participated in an offline workshop held by the team in Tennessee, providing face-to-face feedback. He received the first external testing prototype in August and shared feedback on grass-cutting performance and machine noise comparison. In mid-October, he was invited to the Kentucky exhibition. Subsequently, he brought the machine to the Orlando Expo, offering more people first-hand experience with a fully interactive one-on-one demonstration 1 with every user.

Anna Hu: the product manager for MOWRATOR, In-depth involvement in product definition, user research and analysis, overseas product sampling and testing, organizing overseas experience activities, and following up on the overall listing arrangements.

MOWRATOR, an innovative brand proposed by Shenzhen Zongguan Innovation Co., Ltd., is a forward-thinking robotics and automation startup dedicated to pushing technology’s boundaries to simplify everyday tasks and make more efficient and eco-friendly.

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