A One-Stop Live Feed for Town Happenings and Events

ANDREWS, NC, July 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Virtual Storefronts, the pioneering technology by Atlanta-based Uspace, has unveiled a groundbreaking Live Feed that allows residents and visitors to stay up-to-date with all the happenings in town. Andrews, North Carolina, the birthplace of Virtual Storefronts, is now the first town in the United States to offer a centralized platform where residents and visitors alike can stay updated on local happenings, events, and businesses without having to navigate through the clutter of social media platforms.

The Area Live Feed, developed by Virtual Storefronts, aims to simplify the process of discovering everything Andrews has to offer by providing a simple, efficient, and minimalistic interface. Gone are the days of tirelessly searching through social media feed clutter or relying on scattered information sources. Now, residents and tourists alike can access a single page that serves as a gateway to the vibrant life of Andrews.

One of the key features of the Live Feed is the ability for shoppers to create personalized profiles and follow their favorite businesses. By utilizing their custom feed, shoppers can stay updated on the latest promotions, events, and news from the businesses they love. This tailored experience enhances the connection between local businesses and their loyal customers, fostering a sense of community engagement and economic growth.

Moreover, Virtual Storefronts’ technology already supports shoppers with a Shopper account to follow the live feed in any town added to the Virtual Storefronts network. This means that individuals can keep track of their favorite businesses not only in Andrews but also in other towns that have joined the Virtual Storefronts live feed initiative. It opens up endless possibilities for shoppers to discover and support businesses beyond their immediate location.

Virtual Storefronts CEO, Tobin Brogunier, expressed his excitement about the enhanced shopper experience, stating, “We believe in empowering shoppers to connect with their favorite businesses in a more personalized and streamlined way. By introducing Shopper profiles and extending the Live Feed to other towns, we are creating a dynamic network that benefits both businesses and shoppers. It’s all about making local connections and nurturing community growth. We look forward to the opportunity to serve every town in the country that wants it’s own local Live Feed.”

Following a successful local pilot that bundled a website, search engine, and a local feed solution into a single product for just $199 per year, Virtual Storefronts initiated a soft-opening for nationwide enrollment in June. While an official announcement is still pending, businesses nationwide can now take advantage of this all-in-one offering to enhance their online presence and engage with customers on a whole new level.

The Live Feed is an inclusive space that caters to everyone, from residents keen on exploring their town’s hidden gems to tourists looking for unforgettable experiences. With its user-friendly interface and local-only curated content, the Live Feed presents an unmissable opportunity for businesses to showcase their offerings to a wider audience.

Since the installation of the Live Feed monitor at Andrews Valley Rail Tours ticket office, in early July, local merchants are reporting sales and foot traffic linked to posts on the Live Feed. Visitors exploring the charming town of Andrews have been surprised by the Live Feed’s real-time updates, leading visitors to Andrews to make purchases at FernCrest Winery, Dragon Ass Smoked BBQ, and Raine Boutique, all locally-owned, non-chain businesses.

The Live Feed’s effectiveness in showcasing simple, informative posts from these businesses has sparked curiosity and engagement among tourists and locals alike, making it a win-win situation for both customers and entrepreneurs in Andrews. The success stories of these merchants exemplify the power of the Live Feed in driving business growth and creating a vibrant, thriving community for all to enjoy.

Local businesses in Andrews have embraced this innovative approach, recognizing the value of direct engagement with their customers. By utilizing Virtual Storefronts’ platform, businesses can build stronger relationships with their target audience and foster loyalty through personalized interactions and targeted promotions.

As Andrews, North Carolina, continues to thrive as the hometown of Virtual Storefronts, the Area Live Feed exemplifies the vision of a digitally connected community that values local businesses and nurtures genuine relationships. By embracing this technology, Andrews sets a precedent for other towns across the country, proving that with innovation and collaboration, the future of local economies can indeed be bright.

The success of the Live Feed in Andrews, North Carolina, showcases the power of technology in facilitating meaningful connections between communities and businesses. As Virtual Storefronts expands its reach, the ability for shoppers to follow their favorite businesses and access live feeds in multiple towns will remain a core feature, promoting a vibrant and interconnected local economy.

For more information about Virtual Storefronts visit www.virtualstorefronts.co. To visit the Live Feed in Andrews, North Carolina, please visit www.virtualstorefronts.com.

Virtual Storefronts is a cutting-edge technology developed by Atlanta-based USPACE® (Unpublished Space, LLC) dedicated to connecting communities and promoting local businesses through innovative digital solutions that prioritize human needs and goals. With a focus on empowering businesses and fostering growth, Virtual Storefronts aims to create a dynamic network that strengthens economies across the nation by measuring engagement, not on our technology platform, but at the cash registers of our merchant customers and in the prosperity of the communities we serve. The Live Feed is the latest innovation from Virtual Storefronts, offering real-time updates on local events, news, and promotions.

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