Partner Robert Crain understands how to communicate with insurance companies after accidents.

DALLAS, TX, October 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience. You may be facing costs associated with fixing vehicles as well as medical expenses and loss of income. However, it is crucial to understand how the things you say to the insurance company may affect your ability to receive compensation for your losses.

Be Cautious to Protect Your Rights

After a car accident, the insurance companies involved often reach out to all parties to get more information and statements about how the accident happened. Unfortunately, a seemingly routine phone call can be riddled with intimidation tactics used by insurance companies to later reduce, eliminate, or postpone compensation to the injured. Experienced Partner Robert Crain of Crain Brogdon, LLP explains, “When you are in an accident, what you say to the insurance company can affect your compensation. We understand how to communicate with insurance companies.”

After an accident, victims of negligence should do the following:

1. Consult with an attorney: Before speaking with an insurance adjuster, it is wise to consult with a qualified attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. An attorney can provide guidance on what to say and what not to say, ensuring that you don’t inadvertently harm your case.

2. Avoid admitting fault: It is crucial not to admit fault or apologize for the accident during conversations with insurance representatives.

3. Request written communication: Whenever possible, ask the insurance company to communicate with you in writing.

4. Document everything: Keep detailed records of all communications, including dates, times, and the names of individuals you speak with at the insurance company. This documentation can be invaluable in case of disputes.

Understand What Kind of Compensation is Available

The laws in Texas provide for different forms of compensation when you are involved in a car accident. These can include:

Economic damages: These might include medical equipment, payment of medical bills, rehabilitation, prescription medication, or even lost future earning capacity.
Non-economic damages: These damages might include pain and suffering like mental and emotional distress, including depression and anxiety.
Punitive damages: These are “extra” damages designed to compensate you for gross negligence or willful actions. There are limits to punitive damages in Texas.

About Crain Brogdon, LLP Catastrophic Injury Lawyers and Partner, Robert Crain

Accidents can cause lasting emotional, physical, and financial issues. After an accident, you should focus on healing, not on worrying about how to get compensated for your losses. At Crain Brogdon, Partner Robert Crain has decades of experience dealing with insurance companies after car accidents. If you’ve been in an accident, call today for a free consultation with Crain Brogdon at (214) 522-9404. We are here to help.

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