ReductionTech Inc, a pioneering force in climate technology, urgently brings to your attention the grave implications and time-sensitive predictions surrounding climate solutions and finance within the next four-year El Nino period.

KAMLOOPS, BC, July 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Prepare for Devastation: El Nino’s Wrath is Already Causing Catastrophic Losses

The 2023El Nino period is set to unleash unparalleled devastation, resulting in an alarming surge of fatalities and unparalleled property damage. Shockingly, this impending catastrophe is not solely attributed to El Nino itself. It is the unequivocal evidence of soaring methane levels, signifying the complete inundation of the Earth’s hydroxyl radical, the vital guardian of our natural safety system.

Funding Decisions Fail to Grasp the Urgency: Delay Spells Irreparable Losses

Alarming negligence prevails among funding decision makers, who fail to adequately research, comprehend, and acknowledge the opportunities for natural system mitigation. This woeful oversight will inevitably lead to detrimental delays, inflicting losses that are beyond the control of entities like ReductionTech Inc. Our mission is to scale controlled hydroxyl dispersal, triggering an oxidation event that arrests global warming while enhancing biodiversity, including the enrichment of plant and mineral diversity, bolstering Earth’s albedo, purifying the air, and normalizing weather patterns.

Humanity’s Survival Hangs in the Balance: A Plea for Urgent Action

We solemnly advise all citizens of Earth that the aforementioned planetary improvements are not only desperately needed but also achievable through our scalable and affordable biosphere life support system repair. Our controlled hydroxyl dispersal technology stands ready to unleash an oxidation event of unprecedented magnitude under controlled conditions on a global scale.

Regrettably, our experience with decision makers in the climate mitigation field has revealed an alarming inability to embrace the wealth of scientific literature substantiating our proposed approach. Despite an abundance of evidence supporting the geochemistry involved, decision makers remain hesitant, displaying a disheartening lack of initiative in conducting the necessary research that would dispel their reservations.

Time is Running Out: Warning Humanity of Looming Catastrophe

It is our duty to persistently caution humanity about these dire shortcomings, urging the pursuit of a swifter path to funding a superior, clean, affordable, and residue-free multi-disaster mitigation solution, readily available through ReductionTech Inc.

Our numerous encounters with decision makers have unequivocally communicated the gravity of the situation. This warning serves as a final call to action. Until decision makers can comprehend the referenced science and place their trust in this nature-based chemistry approach, humanity will tragically endure a prolonged struggle far beyond what is necessary.

The Crisis Demands Immediate Attention: A Plea to Decision Makers

The urgency of the issue at hand cannot be overstated. ReductionTech Inc implores all decision makers to embrace a proactive stance in earnestly understanding the extraordinary biosphere life support system that stands within our grasp which is explained on our site. The window of opportunity is rapidly closing, and we cannot afford to wait until it is too late.

ReductionTech has a crowdfunding offering at its secure site, where any advance purchase of your emissions removal by us will be paid back to you electronically in 7 years plus an additional 15%.

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