Optimize system performance, reduce storage costs, ensure compliance, and preserve valuable historical data

BOULDER, CO, November 08, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the sunset of SAP ECC6.0 and the upgrade to S/4HANA in 2027, customers need to find a way to streamline how they transition to the new environment without incurring the steep costs associated with replatforming on S/4HANA. This is why it is imperative to find an alternative to expensive legacy SAP archiving and content management technologies that charge by the amount of storage used, and increase the cost of support and maintenance over time.

Zia Consulting, Inc is a systems integrator of content management, process management,
document capture, and cloud sharing technologies. They help businesses better manage,
process, and secure documents with enterprise automation, federation, integration, and automated governance. Zia provides cloud and managed services, SAP archiving, and content management to customers around the world, ensuring agility and resilience by handling critical applications and infrastructure for its customers.

Jeremy White, Zia Consultings Director of SAP, Cloud and Managed Services shared, “I joined Zia to help them expand their existing offerings to include SAP archiving and managed and hosted services. Zia has significant capacity and strengths in efficient data management practices, streamlining system maintenance, and improving your overall SAP system performance. SAP archiving is inevitable, as companies cannot afford the costs nor performance degradation associated with storing massive amounts of data in S/4HANA. Zia has one of the least expensive and most robust offerings to allow you to achieve the fastest time to value”.

SAP Archiving
Zia’s approach to SAP archiving provides a modern and cost-effective external storage and archiving technology that automatically stores documents and transactional data based on your organization’s governance and archival policies. It allows customers to recognize immediate value by streamlining the migration of documents to the SAP archive and content management environment. Their rapid implementation typically reduces the amount of data stored by 50% or more with SAP archiving. Working with Zia, customers see value from their investment in the first 90 days and a complete return on their investment within the first six months.

“We know that our solution is going to improve the speed and performance of our customer’s SAP implementation. It’s also exciting to see that our customers can expect an immediate return on their investment. Zia Consulting prides itself on treating our employees, partners, and customers equally around a core of integrity. This solution fits the way we like to do business”, said Mike Mahon, President and CEO.

The type of data archived typically includes frequently accessed information such as completed transactions, outdated master data, audit logs, log files, and other business complete data that is not critical to day-to-day operations. Live document content can also be stored in the content management repository, while still providing access to documents through the standard SAP menus, as well as providing external access to non-SAP users. These choices all depend on a company’s specific archiving strategy, the type of data needing archived, and their data retention policies – all of which can be addressed with your Zia SAP experts.

Other benefits to Zia’s archiving solution include:
– Less expensive hardware and infrastructure costs
– Improved system performance with a smaller live database
– Enhanced productivity with less downtime and faster, more efficient transactions, queries, and reporting
– A secure environment that protects and maintains the integrity and authenticity of historical and sensitive customer data
– Accessible data for reporting, analysis, historical reference, performance evaluation, auditing, and legal purposes
– The ability to view archived data for continuity and decision-making
– Less time on system backups, data migrations, and upgrades

Cloud and Managed Services
Should your company also need cloud and managed services support, Zia has flexible managed services offerings, including:
– Managed services of existing on-premise applications that allow customers to redeploy critical internal resources to value-add projects.
– Managed hosted services of new platforms that leverage the latest technology stacks in the cloud. This allows customers to rapidly deploy new capabilities that solve their business problems and meet new requirements.
– Replatforming services to move on-premise application environments to the Zia cloud, or the customer’s existing cloud provider.

These services include industry standard service level objectives such as 99.9% uptime, patching and upgrades, deployment of new features, and a stellar customer experience.

Contact Zia Consulting today to learn more about SAP archiving, as well as their cloud and managed services offering. Feel free to download their white paper for more information about SAP and their e-book for more information about their cloud and managed services offering.

Zia Consulting is an award-winning system integrator of content management, process management, document capture, and cloud sharing technologies. We address the needs of enterprises to better manage, process, and secure documents by automating business processes and enhancing information governance. Our vertical accelerators for insurance, mortgage, accounting, manufacturing, and more are utilized by some of the world’s largest enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk.

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