– The foundation is committed to supporting domestic and foreign art activities, performances, and promotional events
– Monsoon Music Festival, Vietnam’s representative festival invites Mongdoll as Korea’s representative artist following Hyukoh

HWASEONG CITY, SOUTH KOREA, November 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation (CEO Kim Shin-ah) is dedicated to actively supporting TOP5 artists (Mongdoll, Sanghyun, Crackberry, Sinijay, OHelen), offering various benefits including creative support, Seoul Music Week showcases, portfolio production, and opportunities for overseas expansion through the project “2023 Find Rising Star.”

Artists from the ‘Finding Rising Star’ engage in promotion of large and wonderful performances across Korea including “Seoul Music Week”, “Bukhangang Festival”, “All Nights INCHEON LIVE”, “Chungju Dive Festival”, and “Ulsan Jazz Festival”.

On October 21, “Band Mongdoll,” the winner of “2023 Find Rising Star” at the “Monsoon Music Festival,” an iconic festival in Hanoi, Vietnam, was invited as a representative Korean artist following the footsteps of “Hyukoh Band” to deliver an outstanding performance.

Monsoon Music Festival is a musical performance held at a historical venue in Tanglong Huangshi, Hanoi, Vietnam. It is regarded as an icon of Hanoi city and an official cultural event coupled with live performances by renowned and talented artists from home and abroad.

Furthermore, Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation organized a three-day overseas promotional showcase from September 1st to 3rd to facilitate interactions with overseas delegates of the bands of “Sanghyun” and “Sinijay.”

Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation will continue its commitment in producing portfolios and promotional videos of TOP5 artists to prop up active domestic and foreign performances and artistic endeavors.

Kim Shin-ah, CEO of Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation, said, “I extend my heartful gratitude to the citizens for their interest and love towards ‘2023 Find Rising Star’,” adding, “Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation is also committed to spearheading projects aimed at discovering rising stars and facilitating their transition to the international stage, including an advancement in overseas art markets in 2024.”

Lee Dong-hee, the leader of the band Mongdoll, following a successful performance at the “Monsoon Music Festival” in Vietnam on October 21 said, “We deeply appreciate the citizens who support us and ‘Find Rising Star’ artists with unwavering attention and affection, and we will remain committed to become the nation’s leading artist and contribute to the elevation of Korea’s status with the support of Hwaseong City CuItural Foundation and fans.”

More details can be found on Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation website and Instagram.

[‘Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation’ Overview]
Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of Hwaseong citizens through a diverse range of cultural and artistic offerings. We provide high-quality cultural services including performances, festivals, and exhibitions, the creation of cultural content and local artistic activities harnessing Hwaseong City’s unique cultural resources. In addition, we promote accessible culture and education throughout Hwaseong City with the operation of facilities such as Dongtan Complex Cultural Center, Hwaseong City Media Center, Hwaseong City Living Culture Center, and Hwaseong City Library and visiting culture and arts services.

Website: https://www.hsrisingstar.com

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