The much-anticipated conclusion of “Justice Is Coming” delves into Trump’s impact, vital political shifts, and the need for awareness. Explore Dr. Barbara Taber’s influential insights and autobiographical book as her website garners 1.3M+ visitors.

SUFFOLK, VA, August 16, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Barbara Taber, renowned educator, author and commentator, is set to captivate audiences once again with the highly anticipated season three premiere of “Take It or Leave It: Dr. Barbara Taber Speaks.” This marks the ninth lesson (15th episode overall) of Dr. Taber’s thought-provoking podumentary. This new installment, titled “Justice Is Coming (Part 2)” picks up right where the gripping season two finale left off — in the historic Oval Office on January 6, 2021, an indelible moment in history.

In this latest installment, Dr. Taber largely centers her focus and fervor on the complex topic of former President Donald J. Trump. Delving into the tumultuous aftermath of his presidency, she offers insights into the bittersweet dynamics surrounding his influence on the American political landscape. In her characteristic manner, she addresses this with an air of urgency, driven not only by her distinctive style but also by the unfolding drama of the situation. According to Dr. Taber, this chapter in American history is so perilous and sorrowful that even the most accomplished fiction writer couldn’t have crafted it.

“On one hand, it’s immensely important that he’s out of office and justice is being served,” Dr. Taber notes. “But, then again, it stings to think of the damage he’s done to our nation, perhaps irreparably. That he’s even in the 2024 [election] conversation is mind-boggling, but hey, that’s the modern GOP for you. Now, we just need to just focus on preserving democracy in this great nation of ours.”

As the 2024 election looms and Trump leads the polls despite ongoing legal challenges, Dr. Taber explores the resurgence of the MAGA movement and its implications for the nation’s democratic fabric.

Taber continues: “Amidst the rising tide of authoritarianism, now more than ever, it’s crucial for individuals to awaken to the realities shaping our country. Our freedoms are at stake, and awareness is paramount.”

However, “Justice Is Coming (Part 2)” is far from a one-trick pony. The episode showcases Dr. Taber’s incisive examination of contentious Supreme Court decisions, the lackluster midterm performance of the GOP, the impact of key Democrats such as Vice President Kamala Harris, and a deep dive into other pivotal dynamics within the ever-evolving political machinery of these times.

Notably, Dr. Taber’s official website has garnered an impressive web traffic exceeding 1.3 million visitors, highlighting the resonance of her plight and commitment to it, including her brilliant commentary and insights. Also enjoying similarly groundbreaking metrics is her ongoing book project, “Take It or Leave It: Renaissance Woman with a Threadbare Filter.” Although related to the podumentary by name, the book’s content is completely fresh and unique, offering an intimate autobiographical account that unfolds in real time, quite literally as Dr. Taber authors it. The first six chapters are available now for all those who are eager to delve into her life’s journey.

For further information on Dr. Barbara Taber’s riveting “Take It or Leave It: Dr. Barbara Taber Speaks” podumentary and her compelling book project, please visit her official website and author’s site, respectively. Experience the intersection of commentary, introspection, and critical analysis that defines Dr. Taber’s impactful voice in today’s dynamic sociopolitical landscape.

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