Quick Wins! Using Behavior Science to Accelerate and Sustain School Improvement by Dr. Paul Gavoni and Anika Costa

MELBOURNE, FL, July 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — While educational leaders are eager to make a difference, a common mistake is placing too many demands on faculty and staff during the initial stages of change.

ABA Technologies’ KeyPress Publishing introduces Quick Wins! Using Behavior Science to Accelerate and Sustain School Improvement (2nd Edition), by bestselling authors and education consultants Dr. Paul Gavoni and Anika Costa , the must-have guidebook for educational leaders launching new initiatives within their institutions.

This publication is perfect for educators at any level, such as a school district official, principal, assistant principal, dean, guidance counselor, behavior analyst, teacher, or school consultant. Quick Wins! focuses on the impact of highly visible, low-effort achievements that deliver a valued outcome for all team members.

In this second edition of the book, Gavoni and Costa deliver a systematic approach grounded in organizational behavior science for achieving results and rapidly transforming schools that brings out the best in your students, faculty, staff, and yourself. In this updated edition, you will find:

-New and improved stories and expanded examples of quick wins

-A transition from traditional S.M.A.R.T. Goals to IMPACT Goals powered by behavioral science

-“Quick Takeaways” and “Sustain It” actions to extend the learning experience to actual improvements in schools and much more

Gavoni and Costa explain, “People want to see meaningful improvement—and they want to see it quickly. These improvements are easily identifiable, as they could have, and should have, been made long ago. A quick win does not have to be profound or have a long-term impact on your school. However, the best quick wins are long-lasting and leave a profound effect on faculty and staff interest and ability to make long-term impact changes happen.”

One thing is certain: A quick win necessitates that people agree on the need for change, act together to make the change, and learn from the change. To make such change happen, quick wins require leadership.

School leaders are critical to staff performance and student achievement. By taking a Quick Wins approach and developing leadership and staff skills as described in this book, success is a matter of “when,” not “if.”

Quick Wins! Using Behavior Science to Accelerate and Sustain School Improvement (2nd Edition) by Dr. Paul Gavoni and Anika Costa
KeyPress Publishing
Paperback; August 8, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-7377574-8-1
$21.99; 6 x 9; 168 pages

“Quick Wins! delivers a practical and comprehensive roadmap that will empower educational leaders to support positive change and impact school, teacher, and student achievement.” -Shelley McLean, M.Ed., BCBA, Autism in Education Coordinator

“Gavoni and Costa provide practical and profound avenues that will enrich your personal and professional life and the tools and skills to turn your school into everything you can imagine it to be.” -Mark Thomas Adams, Ph.D.

“Quick Wins! transcends the information typically shared in books on leadership… The information in this book will not only benefit those serving in leadership roles but anyone seeking to produce systemic change in schools.” -Nasiah Cirincione-Ulezi, Ed.D., BCBA

About the Authors
Dr. Paul “Paulie” Gavoni and Anika Costa are educational consultants, leadership, and coaching experts who deliver high-energy trainings and authentic presentations. With almost 40-years of combined experience serving educators and students, their unique perspectives as both educators and behavior scientists challenge educational leaders to rethink their approaches to building sustainable and positive cultures. Their approach has resulted in schools characterized by high retention, low incidents of misbehavior, and high rates of student achievement.

About ABA Technologies, Inc. and KeyPress Publishing
ABA Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in instructional technology and curriculum development. We disseminate the science and applications of behavior analysis through online learning, embedding learning systems that improve positive results for organizations and their employees. Our product and service lines are broad, addressing clinical practice for those seeking behavior analytic certification, DEI cultural design and implementation, safety leadership practices, business strategies in achieving results, and more. We serve educators, psychologists, allied health providers, counselors, and business leaders in corporations, universities, health care, and other settings around the world.

In 2020, ABA Technologies, Inc. expanded its impact as a learning company by creating KeyPress Publishing. We combine experts from the field of behavior analysis in such areas as business strategy and cultural development, behavior-based safety, systems analysis, and instructional design, with carefully crafted project management, art design, and marketing to publish both print and digital books.

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