ABA Tech continues its mission to improve lives through the science of behavior with its BOOST exam prep products

MELBOURNE, FL, August 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — ABA Technologies, Inc. (ABA Tech) has launched its much-anticipated BOOST 5th Edition ABA Exam Prep resources. Building on over 20 years of providing premier online applied behavior analysis programs, the new BOOST ABA exam preparation materials offer continued cutting-edge educational support for all individuals preparing for the Behavior Analysis Certification Board® (BACB®) exam.

The BACB® certification exam represents a pivotal moment in the lives of aspiring students, allowing entry into the professional world of behavior analysis. ABA Tech continues its mission to improve lives through the science of behavior with its BOOST exam prep products, cultivated by its team of experts, who have worked side-by-side with over 300,000 students worldwide for BACB® test readiness.

ABA Tech’s BOOST philosophy is to help aspiring behavior analysts fill in educational gaps and build their behavioral repertoires. Its goal stands to prepare individuals for a high-stakes certification exam; but even more, the BOOST philosophy serves to set all on paths for long and successful careers in the science of behavior.

The BOOST exam preparation suite of products features a full-length mock exam designed to test all content areas of the 5th Edition BACB® Task List. The goal of this product is to help students evaluate exam readiness and identify areas of strength and weakness, thus allowing them to determine where to spend valuable study time.

Additionally, BOOST Mock10 offers over 600 practice questions across two unique, full-length mock exams, and additional content area-specific practice questions. Mock10 allows students to obtain a baseline measure of performance, practice by content area as students study, a post-test to measure progress, and test for generalization that includes an additional mock exam.

Further, ABA Tech’s BOOST product line includes a myriad of free resources entailing a free petite mock exam, downloadable EZ Study Sheets, a Task-to-Text Tracker for the Cooper, Heron, and Heward textbook, downloadable task tabs, blogs and more. BOOST exam prep also offers a free, private Facebook group for those preparing for the certification exams.

ABA Technologies, Inc. is thrilled to announce and offer BOOST 5th Edition ABA Exam Prep to all current and future individuals in the field of applied behavior analysis to achieve maximum success in careers and education.

About ABA Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, ABA Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in instructional technology and curriculum development. We disseminate the science and applications of behavior analysis through online learning, embedding learning systems that improve positive results for organizations and their employees. Our product and service lines are broad, addressing clinical practice for those seeking behavior analytic certification, DEI cultural design and implementation, safety leadership practices, business strategies in achieving results, and more. We serve educators, psychologists, allied health providers, counselors, and business leaders in corporations, universities, health care, and other settings around the world.

For information, contact The Office of Corporate Communications for ABA Technologies, Inc. at [email protected]; Attention: Lisa Smith, Vice President of Brand Marketing.

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