Introducing Ivy Co-Pilot: AI built to transform the carbon markets, unlock correlations and insights to bring more supply and financing (powered by OpenAI GPT4)

BERLIN, GERMANY, October 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ivy, a pioneering Climate Tech startup, is revolutionizing the carbon markets by launching today Ivy Co-Pilot (Beta software), a cutting-edge AI system tailored exclusively for this niche. Much like ChatGPT but specialized for the complexities of carbon markets, Ivy Co-Pilot is a game-changer in helping to simplify and give greater ease of information access to all industry players.

Built upon OpenAI’s advanced LLM GPT-4 model, with direct support from OpenAI engineers, Ivy Co-Pilot is an innovative tool that empowers both investors and carbon project developers. It provides actionable insights, accessible to information, unlock corrections and streamlines tasks such as decoding Project Design Documents (PDDs) or understanding the intricacies of regulations like Paris Agreement Article 6.

Ivy Co-Pilot is more than a specialized AI tool; it’s a knowledge hub. It has been trained on a vast dataset comprising hundreds of thousands of data points and documents, spanning certifiers, projects, methodologies, frameworks, and sustainability reports and much more.

Investors can analyse projects more efficiently, like finding specifics without going through Project Design Documents (PDDs), or understanding how regulation affects a project in particular region or access pricing data. Carbon project developers, Ivy Co-Pilot is a treasure chest of guidance, helping in critical decisions like selecting the ideal species of mangrove, for example, or creating comprehensive Project Idea Note (PIN) documents from scratch. And it equips researchers and others to unveil complex correlations and insights within the vast expanse of carbon industry data.

With more datasets continually being added, its applications are near limitless, making Ivy Co-Pilot an indispensable resource for every facet of the carbon industry.

For the Beta product launch today, Ivy’s waitlist is already populated with distinguished participants, including corporates, traders, industry leaders, family offices, and some of the largest project developers in the field. This anticipation underscores the immense potential that Ivy Co-Pilot holds within the world of carbon markets.

Ivy, as a company, is to be the operating system (OS) for scaling the voluntary carbon markets (VCM). Ivy makes navigating the complex data landscape and financing of these projects more efficient and streamlined due to centralised data and deal room platform. Acting as the glue or web between all stakeholders complex natural assets (eg. carbon projects, investors, certifiers and more) essential to project origination and development.

Through Ivy, investors can access a substantial $100m+ “forward investment” portfolio of early-stage (pre-certified), high-quality, vetted projects, in nature protection and removal, blue carbon, CDR and more. All projects being pre-certified, means investors can pre-purchase discounted carbon credits, offering cost-effective pricing and enabling projects to access capital faster to cover start up costs for their important work plant trees and removing carbon.

Beyond the technology and platform, Ivy’s mission is to organize global planetary data to accelerate climate funding, to effectively address the annual $4.5 trillion climate financing gap.

– Ivy Co-Pilot is a state-of-the-art AI tailored specifically for the carbon markets. (Beta product launches today — 26th Oct 2023)
– As organizations globally intensify their efforts to combat climate change, the need for sophisticated tools to help keep the temperature below 1.5°C becomes increasingly pressing.
– 100+ sign ups from corporates, industry leaders, project developers
– Built using OpenAI’s LLM (GPT4) with technical support from OpenAI engineers.
– By leveraging the power of AI, Ivy Co-Pilot simplifies the voluntary carbon market, offering stakeholders, including carbon project developers and investors, actionable insights, accessible information, and decision-making tools.
– Trained on 100k+ of inaccessible and scientific and industry documents and data points.
– Made for projects developer, carbon credit buyers and industry
– This is not just a product launch—it’s the unveiling of a solution that could potentially redefine the way carbon markets operate.

CEO Niklas Terrahe, can provide unique insights into the carbon markets. We have comprehensive view industry given the position we’re in with collaboration between investors, carbon projects and other players.

Ivy is building the OS to scale the voluntary carbon markets (VCM). We help early-stage (pre-certified) carbon projects with financing from investors needed to get off the ground.

Currently, carbon project supply (particularly nature-based removal) is limited by lack of coordination, unstructured data, and fragmentation among different stakeholders.

Ivy’s software ties all this together to function as the web between carbon projects, investors, certifiers, other stakeholders and more, essential to project origination and development into the future. We make navigating the complex data landscape and financing of these projects more efficient and streamlined due to centralised data and deal room platform.

Through Ivy, investors can access and invest into a substantial portfolio of $100m+ of “forward investment”, high-quality, vetted projects, in nature protection and removal, blue carbon, CDR and more. And other market players can use project data more effectively for due diligence and assessment (eg. rating or insurance).

We are bridging the gap between voluntary carbon market players, akin to AngelList for carbon markets. And AI is a key part of this.

Our mission: organize global planetary data to accelerate climate funding — to close the $4.5T annual climate financing gap.

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