iCollections is the Ultimate Organizer Solution App for Mac Users!

KALASIN, THAILAND, July 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — iCollections is a skillfully designed application that helps keep your Mac organized – like arranging a physical desk at your workstation. It is intended to transform your organization process to a level that makes your desktop neat and aesthetically pleasing.

iCollections requires macOS 10.13 or a later version and is fully compatible with macOS Sonoma. It allows for the creation of Collections for organizing desktop items, disk panels for disk drives, web content displayed on the desktop, calendar, folder views, and even photo frames for favorite images all accessible from the desktop.

What’s New in the Recently Released Version 8

The latest version of iCollections has been redesigned to meet the requirements of the latest macOS Sonoma. This includes new icons, Collections shape, and menu layout. It is also full compatibility with Apple Silicon M2 processors and the macOS Sonoma SDK. Version 8 also runs faster and uses less computer resources in the background.

Other Features of the New Version

– The ability to quickly locate a file in a Collection by entering a few letters of its name.
– A shortcut for the Collection window allows you to display the selected Collection by pressing the key shortcut.
– Possibility to set a blurred background for the Collection.

Organizing Icons on Your Desktop

With a few clicks, the icons, files, and folders on your desktop will be grouped according to your preferences. Fortunately, the days of scouring your desktop for a particular application are over. Simply get started creating a new collection by accessing the iCollections Main Menu from the system toolbar.

The main interface to interact with iCollections resides in the menu bar. iCollections is fully integrated with your Mac such that it launches immediately upon starting up – as this is the default option which you should choose –allowing you to concentrate your mental energy into your work without any added hassle.

Revealing your Drives

The iCollections Disk Panel allows you to view all the drives connected to your Mac without having to check on what’s been connected and what’s not – giving you the right to filter which disks you see.

Your Favorite Websites at Your Fingertips

The need to open your browser to check out that instant chat that just came in that can’t wait, or the new video that just dropped from your favorite artist is now easier with iCollections, as it helps you view and keep in constant touch with the website you are most active on without having to open your web browser from scratch.

The Power to Customize

iCollections boasts a highly detailed customization setting for its appearance. Each of the various collections that you create has different settings that can be tweaked to give various presentations that suit your needs – from enlarging the size of the collections to the changing of the display titles of the collection that you made.

Certainly, iCollections is here to make our desktops cleaner and neater and certainly will be a useful tool.

iCollections license can be purchased as a subscription. Currently the subscription is priced at 14$/year.
There is also one-time purchase. The lifetime license currently priced at around 40$.
Promo codes are available upon request.

iCollections Press Kit (pictures, text, icons)
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iCollections on the App Store
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A short demo

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