KIDaccount is a leading provider in daily school safety and dismissal security.

ST. LOUIS, MO, October 31, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the realm of educational software solution providers, school safety software company KIDaccount ( stands out as a beacon of excellence in customer service. The company’s commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs and requirements of its clients across the United States has earned them accolades from satisfied customers, including Penny Vess, Vice Principal at Waimea High School in Hawaii.

When asked about what sets KIDaccount apart from others, Vess said “KIDaccount boasts a dedicated team of knowledgeable and friendly representatives who go the extra mile to ensure their clients are not just customers but partners in success. We consider their sales representatives to be a part of our team.”

The key to KIDaccount’s success in customer satisfaction lies in its unwavering support. Penny Vess attested to the responsiveness of the company, adding “KIDaccount is quick to respond, a lot of times even after hours.” This commitment to KIDaccount’s swift problem-solving is further exemplified by the multiple training sessions and virtual Q&A sessions provided to schools like Waimea High School, ensuring a smooth experience for both staff and students.

One notable instance of KIDaccount’s dedication is their proactive approach to address issues. When faced with challenges such as last names with hyphens or two letters, KIDaccount swiftly resolved the problem to ensure that students could scan and create passes without hindrance. KIDaccount also quickly identified and fixed an issue with text notifications, showcasing their agility in addressing unforeseen technical hurdles.

According to Penny Vess, “What truly distinguishes KIDaccount, is their sense of partnership and continuous improvement. Furthermore, KIDaccount’s commitment to refinement is evident in their relentless pursuit of system enhancements tailored to meet the unique needs of educational institutions.”

Keith Petty, President and CEO of KIDaccount added “Transparency and communication are the cornerstones of KIDaccount’s customer service philosophy. Our company ensures clients are well-informed by providing regular updates and notifications regarding their accounts and services. This commitment to keeping clients in the loop enhances trust and confidence in each of our company’s partnerships.”

KIDaccount’s success story in providing quality customer service is exemplified through satisfied customers like Penny Vess, who appreciate the educational software company’s responsiveness, and problem-solving prowess, affordability, and dedication to continuous improvement. As the company continues to serve educational institutions across the nation, their commitment to customer success and satisfaction remains unwavering.

KIDaccount is a leading provider in daily school safety and dismissal security to help schools and districts improve student outcomes, enhance accountability, and streamline school operations. As a completely integrated daily school safety solution, KIDaccount enables schools to easily account for every student, staff, and visitor — all day, every day. Driven by a culture of research, development, and customer service, KIDaccount provides schools with the utmost expertise in daily safety and security. For more information on KIDaccount school safety products, please visit the company’s website at or contact Kim Robertson at (314) 441-3323.

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