Hi! YOUNG Guangzhou welcomes tourists both near and far, where you can enjoy yummy, Open, Unique, Night, and Graceful experiences beyond your imagination.

NEW YORK, NY, August 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Once again, Guangzhou radiantly asserted its commitment to delighting individuals both near and far. On the auspicious date of August 8, the “Embracing the World: The 2023 Guangzhou Culture and Tourism Promotion Event” took center stage. Hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism Bureau, this event unfolded gracefully within the prestigious confines of the Guangzhou Cultural & Arts Centre. The multifaceted event unfolded with the unveiling of a captivating new promotional culture-and-tourism video and the distribution of the second wave of Guangzhou attraction coupons.

Notably, this occasion witnessed the introduction of the innovative “YOUNG Guangzhou Top 10 Culture and Tourism Routes.” Furthermore, an array of communication strategies was set in motion across the top 10 global new-media platforms, all in the service of enhancing the global perception of Guangzhou’s culture and tourism offerings. This comprehensive approach stands as a testament to the city’s invigorated culture-and-tourism sector, exemplifying its commitment to innovation, marketing prowess, effective communication, collaborative efforts, heritage preservation, and sustainable development. Distinguished guests, including officials and their families from the consulates general of 33 countries in Guangzhou, graced the occasion with their presence, underscoring the event’s international significance.

As the global tourism industry recovers and China encourages a return to healthy consumption, Guangzhou develops as a world-famous cultural city, accelerates its transformation into a world-renowned tourist destination, promotes culture-tourism integration, creates diverse formats, unlocks greater consumption potential, and continuously creates a “desired experience” for people around the world.

Unveiling a Fresh Identity
Guangzhou’s Novel Promotional Video Takes Flight

Guangzhou pioneered the nation’s effort to welcome the world. In fact, openness, reform and innovation have made Guangzhou what it is today. Accordingly, a promotional video was officially released during the event. The glamorous Flower City blooms again. The video facilitates the global expression of Guangzhou’s stories. It again showcases the new look of Guangzhou to the world.

Guangzhou vigorously promotes the innovation of culture-and-tourism formats and products. The brand-new Internet platform “Hi! YOUNG Guangzhou” made its official debut. The newly released 10 travel routes are quintessentially “YOUNG,” an acronym that stands for Yummy, Open, Unique, Night and Graceful. These routes provide fresh perspectives and a showcase of Guangzhou’s charms.

Various performances at the event showcased the new look of Guangzhou cultural development. The Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Theater, Guangzhou Song and Dance Theatre, Guangdong Music & Folk Art Troupe, Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre, Guangzhou Street-Dance Art Creation Base, Guangzhou Haizhu District Cultural Center (Street-Dance Branch), Make Yourself a Legend and others gave dazzling performances, among which were Cantonese opera “Brilliant Pear Garden,” women’s group dance “New Charm of Cantonese Dance,” “Kung Fu” street dance, the national-level symphonic performance “Happy Flower City, Rise Step by Step,” a scene called “Dragon Boat Racing” from dance drama “Dragon Boat,” acrobatic performance “Leap to the Future” and musical “Navigation,” bringing the audience an immersive experience that combined contemporary skills and technology with the region’s much-loved history.

“Guangzhou is a charming city full of vitality”: It’s a frequent remark among those who visit it. Guests from various countries shared their experiences of Guangzhou cultural heritage, food and vitality, introducing its glories to the world and sending a cordial invitation to global friends.

Forging New Collaborative Endeavors
The GBA Cultural and Art Exchange Center (Guangzhou) Inaugurated

The sincerity of Guangzhou is embodied in diversity. Enthusiasm, tolerance and cooperation reflect Guangzhou’s efforts. In order to leverage Guangzhou’s functions as a hub of Lingnan culture and a portal of international exchange while shaping the GBA humanistic spirit and promoting mutual learning between the Chinese culture and others, the Bureau, Centre and China Mass Culture Association established the GBA Cultural and Art Exchange Center (Guangzhou) at the Centre, which was inaugurated during the event. Meanwhile, the Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Media Group’s Guangdong Bureau. The agreement will facilitate cooperation on a higher platform, over a more extensive range of fields, to publicize Guangzhou’s unique Lingnan culture and timeless charm.

A New Era of Communication
Unleashing Communication Strategies on Global New-Media Platforms

The richness of innovation is characteristic of the ever-vital Guangzhou. Thus, the spirit of challenge, dedication and hard work boosts Guangzhou’s morale.

The new platform is the means by which Guangzhou enhances its connection with the world. Accordingly, a mix of communication strategies on the top 10 global new-media platforms for Guangzhou culture and tourism was launched in tandem with the event. In order to enhance the global popularity and reputation of Guangzhou’s culture-and-tourism brands, the Bureau has rapidly increased its array of channels for external communication. Based on an integrated approach using Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat Official Account, WeChat Channels, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Bilibili and other Chinese/international new-media platforms, resources have brought together for the launch of an upgraded matrix and the creation of a new-media promotional brand called “Love Tour Guangzhou.” Thus, Guangzhou will continue to explore its culture and charm as a tourist destination, tell Guangzhou’s stories, create immersive experiences for fans worldwide, and raise the voice of Guangzhou so that people everywhere will want to experience this magical region.

A Gift of Discovery
Culture and Tourism Coupons Worth RMB 20 Million Distributed

Guangzhou’s warmth is found in its ability to please the many who visit. Kindness, hospitality and friendliness pave the way for smooth interactions, even amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Guangzhou has again presented a gift as an expression of welcome to visitors from nearby and distant points on the globe. The Bureau distributed RMB 20 million worth of coupons through the “Cloud QuickPass” app. Entities such as UnionPay along with commercial banks, and thousands of culture and tourism enterprises/merchants have been integrated to provide discounts for culture and tourism scenarios to benefit Guangzhou’s visitors. tourists visiting Guangzhou. Local people and tourists can get discounts at all participating merchants engaged in scenic spots, tourism, accommodations, performances, cultural and creative industries, and more. This year, culture-and-tourism coupons of RMB 50 million have been distributed.

In closing, the 2023 Guangzhou Culture and Tourism Promotion Event serves as a radiant testament to the city’s unwavering dedication to fostering a culture-rich, globally-connected, and harmonious society. Through innovation, collaboration, and a profound respect for its heritage, Guangzhou emerges as a beacon, illuminating the path to an ever-more vibrant future.

Guangzhou, also knowns as Canton, Flower City in Bloom, features beautiful scenery, delicious food, folk culture, various tour routes, hotel discounts, etc.

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