Revenge Never Wins

BOISE, ID, October 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Hamas is a terrorist organization,” said President Kevin McGary. “This kidnapping is just the latest example of Hamas’s commitment to violence and destruction. This needs to stop. Hamas knows they cannot ever win against Israel, so this is not about land, it is just about revenge. Nobody wins with revenge. EBLM knows from the black experience, that the only way both sides can prosper is through reconciliation and forgiveness and thus peace.”

EVP Neil Mammen, grew up in the Middle East with Palestinians and worked in Silicon Valley. “Hamas’s leaders have become multi-millionaires while the Palestinian people continue to suffer” Mammen said. “In addition to kidnapping and killing Israeli civilians, Hamas has neglected the people of Gaza. Palestinians say that Hamas has spent billions on weapons, while the people of Gaza live in poverty and squalor. Over 60% of the population of Gaza lives below the poverty line. The unemployment rate is over 50%. If there was peace and prosperity in Gaza, Hamas would have no power. In truth this attack is just a way for Hamas to get more funding from Silicon Valley, which is its 2nd greatest source of funding, after Iran.”

Mammen continued, “The sad fact is that none of this is needed, the cost of living in Israel is far higher than Gaza. So, Gaza and the Palestinian Territories could be the greatest source of lower cost manufacturing for Israel with Israel’s rapidly growing technology sector and growing manufacturing demands. If the Palestinians would kick out Hamas and Hezbollah and invite manufacturers into the area, the economy would grow incredibly fast and the beautiful Palestinian people would have peace and prosperity. But if this happened, the terror organizations would have no power or reason to exist. It’s time for America to find, educate, support and protect those Palestinians who want to make that a reality.”

Lonnie Poindexter, Director of Every Black Life Matters, noted, “The Hamas kidnapping was likely funded by American tax dollars. The American people are tired of their money being used to fund terrorism,” Poindexter said. “We call on the Biden administration and congress to immediately cut off all funding to Iran and Hamas.”

Every Black Life Matters stands in solidarity with the people of Israel and condemns Hamas’s cowardly act of terrorism.

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