HelpToWin will send funds directly to volunteers at the frontline. A social project – rather than a commercial or government-led one – HelpToWin is fully transparent and places a strong focus on helping ordinary citizens and fighters

KHARKIV, UKRAINE, October 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ukrainian group HelpToWin has launched a new initiative to assist frontline fighters and ordinary citizens as the country continues to fight against Russian aggression.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has devastated much of the country, dating back to the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, over 4 million citizens have been displaced; there has also been a widespread humanitarian crisis in the east of the country, as well as mass economic instability and an unprecedented loss of life.

HelpToWin Sends Funds Directly to Volunteers

Various projects have sprung up in the last 18 months to allow the international community to raise donations for those in Ukraine who desperately need help. These donations have played an essential part in giving Ukrainians the vital assistance they need, boosting morale and showing that people from across the globe want to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom.

However, HelpToWin’s new initiative stands apart from other fundraising efforts, as the money donated to the project will go directly to volunteers rather than to a public fund or a government organization.

The team behind HelpToWin is working firsthand with those at the frontline of the war, as well as working with the various groups who are helping displaced citizens or providing necessary animal welfare in the country at this time. This means they are better equipped than most organizations to ensure that every donation they receive goes to the right place.

Progress Reports

No Ukrainian takes for granted the help that they receive from ordinary people from across the world.

With that in mind, HelpToWin will publish progress reports approximately every two weeks, detailing where the donations have been distributed and how they have actively assisted everyday people.

How Funds Will Be Distributed

HelpToWin has laid out exactly how the necessary funds they receive will be used:

Assistance for the military effort

HelpToWin will use 50% of donations to help Ukraine’s various military causes. This will include purchasing necessary equipment for Ukraine’s army and assisting fighters in other ways.

Animal Welfare Aid

Russia’s war in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on animal welfare. 30% of the funds raised by HelpToWin will go towards animal welfare causes.

Helping Displaced Ukrainians

7% of donations will go towards helping various volunteer organizations working with displaced people in Ukraine.

Support for Ukrainians Whose Incomes Were Affected by War

For many ordinary Ukrainians, the war completely decimated their sources of income, forcing them into poverty or financial difficulty. 10% of the funds raised by HelpToWin will go towards helping low-income Ukrainians.

Sharing HelpToWin’s Message to the Wider Community

3% of HelpToWin’s expenses will be put back into the project to further share its message to the wider world. This will include advertising, project awareness, and compiling real-time reports about how the funds are helping everyday Ukrainians.

Every Donation Makes A Difference

For everyone who values a free society and a world where military aggression isn’t tolerated, we all have a part to play. This is why supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia’s armed invasion is so important.

Millions of people worldwide have already donated to causes which help Ukraine and ordinary citizens in the country. HelpToWin will ensure that every donation they receive will actively make a difference.

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HelpToWin – Funds raised on this project go directly to volunteers, not government organizations.

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